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  • violias

    the cynic in me sees this as a bit like a rogue virus program.. It looks good, promises to help, but I believe their intent is to flush out those they can officially DF or DA and get them off the books. If you fall for it --it will cost you dearly.

    Always remember with the WTS the rule of thumb is

    follow the money ( or lawsuits etc)

  • rosesinbloom

    thought I would bring this thread back up to the top I was looking for it earlier.

    in regards to the table of contents I don't think that the choices of why ones left is enough.

    like someone already commented on they left because of the sickening child abuse and nothing was done about it. or they left because they could no longer stomach the hypocrisy. not everyone left because of guilt or hurt feelings. Many are not in agreement with an understanding that is obviously not Bible based. the society is so out of touch if they think there are only three reasons why people have left the organization.

  • Finkelstein

    Yes return to Jehovah so his personally chosen messengers (TM.) can lie to you, deceive you and coerce you for volunteer work and money.

    You wont notice how corrupt and maligning manipulative we are when we mentally indoctrinate you with are fraudulent fear inducing doctrines, fictitiously supported from the bible.

    In other words are bullshit is so good you wont even know it. ......... well not for a long time at least.

  • Phizzy

    I guess they are just hoping to grab some "low hanging fruit", which they will do if inactive ones are simply just that, inactive non-attenders, but have done nothing to educate themselves about reality since they became inactive.

    The pity of it is, those that do get sucked back in give a huge boost to the struggling R&F, who see it as a sign that they really are in the "truth".

  • sir82

    In regards to the table of contents I don't think that the choices of why ones left is enough.

    As mentioned earlier on this thread, the audience for this new release is NOT "inactive ones" or "disfellowshipped ones".

    The "ones" they are after are those who are still active (and contributing!) but who feel something vaguely "off".

    The WTS wishes to emphasize to such "ones" that there are only 3 possible reasons for ever "leaving Jehovah", and guess what? THEY ARE ALL YOUR FAULT!

  • stuckinarut2

    As many have mentioned, the topics are not reflective of the REAL reasons many have drifted away from the org or have outrightly left!

    But, just for a moment , lets say that the reasons of "hurt feelings" etc ARE the only reasons....then the GB have a responsibility to ADMIT THAT THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for such HURT!

    Where is the humble admission that such hurt has been dished out AS A RESULT OF THE CULTURE OF THE VERY ORGANIZATION??

    The very nature of the org means that witnesses feel they have the right to demand of others things they shouldn't. That they have the right to encroach on the privacy of others, and impose on their lives.....

  • Finkelstein

    The GB leaders of this organization are so full of themselves but I guess thats understandable being that get up every morning and have someone kiss their ass as soon as they walk out the door.

    Governing Body Member = Top Executive Propagandists

  • steve2

    The brochure was peremptorily removed from the official website because it was incorrectly titled.

    I understand the error has now been rectified and it is now correctly titled as follows:


  • dozy

    It's interesting that the Society feel the need to publish such a publication & shows that they are concerned about people leaving.

    Notice from the subheadings that there is no legitimate reason for leaving the Org and the Society pre-determine why they think people leave..

    2 Anxiety--"Hard Pressed in Every Way"

    You left because you were stressed out with work , family etc (nb: nothing to do with the high demands the Society places upon JWs )

    3 Hurt Feelings--When We Have "Cause for Complaint"

    You left because you were "stumbled" by something that went on in the Org. Of course , no blame can possibly be attached to the Society - this may or may not have been caused by particular individuals and may or may not have some justification but still no excuse for "leaving Jehovah".

    4 Guilt--"Cleanse Me From My Sin"

    You left because you committed a sin and felt you couldn't live up to the "high standards of the Truth"

  • fukitol

    Return to me or I'll kill you.

    I love you, I'll kill you.

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