American TV sucks

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  • acolytes

    Let me just say I think American T.V is the most entertaining in the world.

    I love the citcoms (Seinfelt, Everybody loves Raymond ect ect) I grew up with Rawhide, The Virginian, Star Treck, Rovkford Files, Starsky and Hutch ect ect.

    At the moment iam watching Americas Got Talent (Maybe it hasnt) but the shows great entertainment. Then I rememberd when I was in the U.S and how I felt American T.V sucked with all those commercials.

    Tell me do you have non commercial the states?

    How much time is given to commersials with a 22 minute Seinfet episode?

    Do the adds spoil the shows for you are are you used to it?


  • Leolaia

    Breaking Bad is amazing.

  • acolytes

    Leolaia-We dont have Breaking Bad in Sweden. Iam sure it will come. Maybe a positive about American TV shows from an English or Swedish point of view is we only get the prooved successsful shows.


  • andy5421

    PBS, essentially a whole show (1hr or 2) commercial free with only 5 minutes maybe of "commercials" ("sponsered by" stuff and previews of other shows)

    plus PBS shows stuff you usually can't find anywhere else....

    Thats how i got turned on to Doctor Who. Never knew about it really till I saw the 2005 series. Saw a few eps and I was hooked.

  • cantleave

    Big Bang Theory is my Favourite Sitcom.

  • acolytes

    andy 5421

    If you mean the English "Doctor Who" that goes back to the 1960s.

    Sadly in England when colour TV came the BBC didnt think that anybody would ever want to see the" black and white shows" so they were recorded over or simply became lost. What a waste of Brittish heritage.I mean imagine if universal had dispossed of "Rawhide" or the pilot to "Startreck"


  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Big Bang Theory is my favorite too, Cantleave!

    Our TV does stink! I would say if you watch a one hour show, you will have 20 minutes worth of commercials! Very annoying!

    There aren't any family friendly shows or sitcoms you can watch with children. We are stuck watching cartoons with the children and ushering them from the room for the any sitcoms we might watch. Or we watch something educational.

    I miss the days of shows like "Cosby Show'", "Alf" and "Home Improvement". I remember enjoying shows like that where parents didn't have to really sheild children from swearing and inappropriate themes.

    I find if we can DVR a show, we get more enjoyment because we can zip through the commercials and avoid them. I wish they weren't there. It is very distracting. It's also probably why we snack while watching TV, we see commercials for food every 7 minutes and go to the kitchen for a snack! How can you stand seeing juicy hamburgers, pizza, soda, chips for so long without desiring them? Of course we also use them for bathroom breaks...just like the song at mid meeting at the kingdom hall!

    The best shows seem to be behind us. When they finally come out with a show that peaks your interest, for example, "Lost" and "Heroes", they go on a writers strike and you lose all sense of where the show was and wonder if they are going to drop like, as they do so often. You get tired of it, and you refuse to watch it, knowing they will pull the rug out at any whim. They do suck. Really they do.

    I just got used to my daily dose of Conan O'Brian...and now he's gone. It's best to wait for something on commercials and you can watch a full season! I've got a few sets I want to get still.

    Do you not have to deal with commercials where you are? Or are they much more limited?

  • watson

    Some of our best TV now, is on HBO, SHOWTIME, etc. You pay a minimal monthly fee, but are commercial free! Hallelujah.

  • WTWizard

    American TV has gone downhill during the past 20 years. Like radio, they are all owned by a few big companies that put crap on TV.

    I can remember TV in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Not that it was always great then, but they used to have a wide variety of programming on just three networks. You had the soaps, for sure--but if you tuned to NBC during the late 1960s and early 1970s, you could get some really great quiz shows on. Those seem to have disappeared--The Price is Right is left, but that doesn't last from 9:30 until mid afternoon.

    During the evening, you had a nice variety of shows. Starting with mid-afternoon, you would often see reruns of Batman and Superman, the ABC After School Specials, and other nice shows. Evenings would have a variety of shows: The Brady Bunch, Nanny and the Professor, The Partridge Family, MASH, and many others dotted through the 1970s. You also had a nice variety of specials you are not going to see now: Almost Anything Goes, The Body Human, and other various specials came along at random intervals. During the 1980s, you started seeing more crime dramas and fewer quiz shows.

    But, it isn't until the late 1990s that TV has really gone down the toilet. Network TV is full of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and reality shows. You do not see the variety of science and story specials you once had. It is all about a group of people living in isolation, and they could get voted off the show--what kind of crap is that? Cable is a little better: at least they have real science channels and story shows.

    And lots and lots of ads. Even the ads have gone down the toilet. I can remember the 1970s and 1980s, when the commercials were entertaining. There was the Juicy Fruit ad where they picked gum off the tree. Double mint was so double good (around 1873). "You got a lot to live, and Pepsi's got a lot to give" (early 1970s). "Just when you thought your wash was clean--GERMS! (Lysol laundry sanitizer, 1985). "Where's the Beef?" (Wendy's, 1984) "Open up the top, and let the sunshine out" (Orange Spot, 1977). Now, it is all auto insurance and prescrption drug sxxx. Who wants to listen to Matthew Lesko yelling about his free government money? I would rather listen to the three little pigs in their house of straw making fun of the big bad wolf when he huffs, and he puffs, and he coughs because he has been smoking.

  • andy5421

    @acolyte: yup once I got hooked on DW(2005) I did research on DW and turned out it started back in the 60s. I have managed to collect most of the Classic Who and am now up-to-date on the new DW(5x01 Eleventh Hour with Matt Smith as DW).

    5x02 Beast Below airs today and I will snag it off after it airs.

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