American TV sucks

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  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    Some of our best TV now, is on HBO, SHOWTIME, etc. You pay a minimal monthly fee, but are commercial free! Hallelujah.

    Totally agree. The main problem with primetime network television is that it lacks originality. It has been saturated by 'reality' tv and adherence to recycled formulas. Very few network execs have the courage to go against the grain.

  • blondie

    Of course, acolytes, you do indicate that you don't have access to all tv in the US. By "American" I assume you are also not including Canada or Mexico which are also on the North American continent. I find that tv anywhere is not up to the standards of our childhood or early adulthood. But there is a wider range beyond the 3 major channels and PBS version of my younger years. I find that I watch a great deal on TBS, TNT, BBCA, SYFY, etc. I am grateful for the larger choice as well as channels that feature beloved programs from my past.

    Perhaps you would like to share the shows from Sweden that you feel are superior to US television. PBS ran a short mystery series (in English) about Wallander.

  • blondie

    As to non commercial tv---yes that is what PBS is all about. How does Sweden avoid commercials and still pay for the programming? Who pays for the programming.

    I just tape all my shows and fast forward through any commercials. I even stop and watch some of them if they are about products/services I am interested in.

  • A.Fenderson

    acolytes: I love the original Star Trek--I'm going through all three seasons on Blu-ray now, they have the original or new CGI effects (which are very true to the feel of the original), and bonus material, plus the show looks great remastered in HD. I think they didn't put the first pilot ("The Cage") on here though, only the second pilot ("Where No Man Has Gone Before")...?

    andy: PBS

    I bought one of these digital TV tuners just so I could record science programs like Nature in 1080i high-def.

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    The commercials drive me nutz... I think at this point, there is more commercial time in a program than there is of the actual program itself.

  • blondie

    I think it is 15 minutes commercial per 60 minutes show based on my recordings and fast fowarding. But this says maybe more.

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey

    Thanks Blondie, that was helpful. looks like about 30% of the time. It feels like about 45%....especially when I see that lady on the Progressive Insurance commercials. Then again, Progressive just accomplished it's mission, I remembered who they were because of that darn lady! LOL...

  • shamus100

    HBO is great - one of the best shows was Curb Your Enthusiasm. If you like Seinfeld and can handle a very crass show, I highly recommend it.

    Television in this day and age is going downhill again. Ever see A&E's spooky show where they chase ghosts? Oh my... I actually recommend it because it's so awful it's comedy.

  • d

    I agree tv today is just plain bad.All you see today is reality television, in where people just fight and curse at one another.Man telvevsion after the 80's and 90 and even the early 2000's like 2001 to 2002 have just downhill.Televsion as I have said before is mindnumbing and painful to watch.I don't even watch tv that much anymore.

  • beksbks

    A.Fenderson, andy: PBS

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