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  • Think About It
    Think About It

    I feel like Woody Allen in the 1973 movie "The Sleeper". I leave in 1995, wake up 15 yrs later to see what has been going on in the JW religion and find out it is completely different from what I left. All kinds of things have changed, scandels, flip flops, etc.

    I started a thread about beards, because I wanted to know how the modern day beard and goatee fad went over in the KH's.

    Now I'm curious about the tattoo, piercings and short or shaved hair look. What are your experiences of getting a tatoo or piercing and/or having one prior to joining? Anyone have secret tattoo or piercings? Were you counseled about the look of your hair? Was there anyone that had to go to great lengths to cover up in order to be on the platform?

    I bet this kind of stuff drove the GB, CO's and elders nuts.

    Think About It

  • spawn

    Hello Think About It

    I had Tattoos, pearcings and a goatee before I was assimilated by the Borg and they knew it, but since breaking free two years ago I have been put back my pearcings and enjoyed some new rather large Tattoos

    Just this afternoon I spent an hour getting some new Ink on a full sleeve, the pain was worth it.

  • zoiks

    My wife got a tattoo at 18 after the elders told her they wouldn't do anything about it...

    Edit: I really like it!

  • God Chick
    God Chick

    i got two tatts. My mother in law saw one when i bent over. She then sat my ten year old son down with the Bible and told him they were evil and jehovah doesnt like them. Had belly button ring, hid that too.

  • awildflower

    I don't have any tats yet, but I want one this summer and I'm in search of something really, really great and unique!

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Wildflower says- I don't have any tats yet, but I want one this summer and I'm in search of something really, really great and unique!

    Nothing says sexy like a WTS theme tat in the small of a woman's back.

    Think About It

  • dig692

    yeah wild, you should get "The End is Near" tatted on your back..with an arrow pointing down at your bum!

  • restrangled

    I've been out of the Jw's a very long time, and I threatened both my boys with death....if they ever got a tattoo, or piercing.

    One did, and he instantly had to remove it out of his tongue. Not and easy job.

    That was the end of it.

    My personal opinion: they're ugly, sleazy, and what in hell's name is it going to look like 50 years from now?....a wrinkled mess.

    I am not sorry about my opinion. We had a girl work for us with a nose ring,....she was not allowed to wear it.

    Instead she had a big ugly hole in her nose or a very obvious plug.......sounds attractive doesn't it?

    One of my brother's girlfriend's had a tongue piercing. All her words sounded stupid...beginning with pltha, pltha, pltha and lots of spit.... once again, very attractive.


  • leec

    Someone I know just got her mother's blessing to get a tattoo where she has some surgery scars. The mom is a very devoted and active JW, and the "someone" is currently preparing for baptism. (same "someone" also has a number of piercings, mostly different kinds of ear piercings, one or two are in .. other places)

  • brizzzy

    My mother, for all her crazy abusiveness, had moments of cool. She actually allowed me and my sister to get our belly buttons pierced at 16 and 15, and liked it so much that she got hers pierced as well. But we weren't allowed to show or tell anybody in the congregation.

    Interestingly, when I got my tattoo at 19 (after moving out), I kept it a secret for quite some time - it's not visible when clothed, or even in a bathing suit. But my sister glimpsed the very top of it peeking out of my jeans when I gave her a hug one day. She swore not to tell my mother, and then ran straight home and ratted me out. My mom wouldn't speak to me for 6 months.

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