Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 01-31-10 WT Study (GOOD MANNERS)

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  • Heaven

    Looks like the people at Bethel have been reading the information about JWs on the Internet again.

  • BluesBrother

    2. Good manners generally flourish in the true Christian congregation.

    Well, they "generally" flourish in the outside world, in my experience. It depends where you are. If you are in the mess room of a factory full of working men, you will get a different atmosphere to being in a smart office. I have worked in both. But in the world at large, I find people a good deal better mannered than the WT gives them credit ...

    The encouragement to be courteous and polite is fine...But as somebody said at the meeting last week about freindliness "We really need to be told we ?????"
    Surely this is stating the obvious if they are really Christian people

    Q 10. How can good manners help us to have a productive ministry?

    Yes right...go out of your way to be polite and friendly...only so far as it is for spreading the message !

    P19 we will avoid the hypocrisy of showing courtesy just to curry favour with a superior or to get a

    material advantage.--

    Did we not see that the manners were for the purpose of the that not gaining an advantage?

  • leec

    iknowall558: "Isn't this being deceitful and dishonest ? " -- EXACTLY.

    I really despise "manners". The one and only purpose of manners is to maintain an atmosphere of cilivity where one would not otherwise exist. If people TRULY cared for each other, there would be no need for manners.

    Which is preferable? Someone who smiles and says "now, take care of yourself, stay safe, have a nice day" and walks away, or someone who shouts wildly to you "MOVE! THERE'S A BUS COMING STRAIGHT FOR YOU" and when you don't move in time, runs up and tackles you, pushing you out of the way and saving your life?

    Also ... I vaguely remember as a child being taught that Jesus taught by his DEEDS, not his smooth politeness. In fact, Jesus is really impolite to quite a few people in the Bible, sternly yelling at them and basically telling them they are idiots. The reason he did this in every case was to get these people to understand and be saved. Caring acts are more powerful than manners, any day.

    Feh on the WT and their stupid manners.

    Quote Emerson: What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.

  • hamsterbait

    leec -

    This is all so true. manners and politeness are hypocrisy.

    I think the best way for us to live is by total honesty.

    If I dont like the face of someone I will tell them. If I feel like spitting at the bank clerk for being too distant I shall.

    I think that the STATE should legislate for antisocial behavior, and let us ignore all those whose faces we dont like, and turn our backs on strangers at parties...

    I remember years ago when I lived in a boarding house. one morning I was out in field circus with s.o. I mistakenly assumed was a friend. I met on of my co-lodgers in the street.

    I greeted him, and attempted to introduce my "friend". He pursed his lips into a nasty pout and didnt even say hello. But if he had met the person in the door to bore misery, he would have been kissing his A$$ to sell the Litterature.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Post Watchtower Highlights for those interested:

    My teenage son gave a VERY enthusiastic comment on paragraph 20 which talks about SATAN being responsible for the decline in good manners in these Last Days. He managed to work in SATAN! at least 3 times. Dana Carvey would have been proud. I know I was.

    There were a couple of non-JW visitors there and, hopefully, my son helped to highlight just how delusional JWs are.

    Good job Torn In Two Son!


  • bobld

    I just had to comment on the picture.If someone was fallowing you around throughout the store and into the parking lot,I would be carefull of people like that.I believe there is a word for those type of people.

    Also the brazilian girl making a donation.Brazilian money is REAL not dollars.


  • boyzone

    consultant Donald Weiss wrote: "People resent it when others look through or past them.

    There's reallyā€¯, no excuse you can make that will appease those who have been ignored.

    NO EXCUSE! Do you hear that, all my dear JW "friends" who walk past me every day looking at your shoes? Or all you JW's who come into the coffee shop for your after-service latte and give me your order by using the minimum of words and no eye-contact? NO EXCUSE!

    Bloody hypocrites.

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