Blondie's Comments You Will Not Hear at the 01-31-10 WT Study (GOOD MANNERS)

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  • cameo-d

    Here's another Donald Weiss. All it would take is a few emails to ask these people if WT is quoting them with their permission. Maybe it would shed some noo light into making WT document some of its ambiguous sources. And perhaps it could also reveal some WT affiliations in their network.


    Bartle Emeritus Associate Professor of Philosophy

    Office: LT 1213
    Telephone: 607-777-2442
    E-mail: [email protected]

    He received his Ph.D. from Princeton University in 1971. He has been at Binghamton University (SUNY) since 1969 and became a Bartle Emeritus in 2007. He is a recipient of the Chancellor Award for Excellence in Teaching. His areas of research and teaching include Hegel, Marx, Political Philosophy, and Esoteric Philosophy.

  • designs

    In a congregation in Tourmellinos Spain a brother was giving a talk on etiqutte and grooming, remember that one. He was discouraging the Witnesses from greeting each other with the customary double kiss on the cheeks. I know, what the f k.

    No holding hands or hugging someone during prayer, no kisses to greet someone. It all went so south

  • WTWizard

    I can think of some blatantly bad manners displayed by the witlesses. Start with the all too common occurrence of pedophiles. It is not exactly good manners to molest children, and then threaten them that, if they report it to the police or warn others, they will be disfellowshipped for "slander". And, with the baby killings of the past year (including the sickening one early last August where they not only killed but ate a baby), I don't think they are in any position to preach about manners, especially if they are going out of their way to hide these things from the public.

    More common, you are likely to see witlesses harassing those trying to leave. Usually, it involves calling them at inopportune times and wasting hours discussing going to the boasting sessions and out in field circus. The witlesses will get people in a position where, no matter what they say, they are going to get in trouble. Sometimes the witlesses even harass people after they are disfellowshipped--slashing tires, vandalizing people's Christmas decorations, and repeatedly calling on people that do not want to hear it (after repeated warnings not to, and with No Trespassing signs prominently displayed)--good manners?

  • SallySue

    The whole disfellowshipping thing makes for bad manners. How can you greet someone one week and then ignore them the next. Better just get in the habit of ignoring everyone at the hall, you never know who might be next.

    This article is crazy. I thought you could know they are Christians by their love? Did Paul ever tell his folks to have better manners????

    Thanks Blondie for these comments... You are the best...

  • MinisterAmos

    They are so confused that they don't know whether to sh*t or bake cupcakes.

  • yesidid

    Thank you Blondie


    Is the WTS teaching its members to bait and switch?

    Q 10. How can good manners help us to have a productive ministry?
    10. Consider the case of a Christian couple named Tom and Carol, who live in a large North American city. BAIT: They have made pleasant conversation with their neighbours a part of their ministry. How do they do it? Referring to James 3:18, Torn says: "We try to be friendly and peaceable with people. We approach those we see outside their homes and those who work in the area. We smile and greet them. We talk about what interests them--their children, their dogs, their homes, their jobs. In time, they view us as their friends." SWITCH: Carol adds: "On a later visit, we give them our names and ask for theirs. We let them know what we are doing in the neighbourhood but keep the conversations brief. Eventually, we can give them a witness." Tom and Carol have won the confidence of many of their neighbours. A good number have accepted Bible-based publications, and a few have shown greater interest in learning the truth.
    Also, not sure if anyone else noticed but they have a half page report at the end of the study (on the same page as the concluding paragraphs) about a girl with a large heart - she contributed to the local hall but SENT THE LARGER PORTION of her donation to the WTS with a letter...

    Their clever way of implying these messages without out rightly asking for money is sneaky and underhanded - but then again in the same issue there is the annual how you can contribute - wills, real estate, jewlery, shares etc are all acceptable - does God need all these assets?

  • iknowall558
    This question was asked today on the WT facebook page.
    Watchtower Today WT study is interesting, what lesson is learned from paragraph 10?

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    7 people like this. Trace Gallagher that we need to take every oppurtunity to give a witness 54 minutes ago · Report Pam Chauncey this is a great article just like all of the others! 50 minutes ago · Report Edelito Ramos yeah this is another nicely cooked spiritual food for all of us!i really appreciate this article. 48 minutes ago · Report Oluchi Lisa When we show personal interest in others and r frendly wenever we see them, they will be more inclined 2 listen 2 us. 46 minutes ago · Report Watchtower Ok. with most of the comments but really think, what is the FDS telling us? there is a line in there that is key. 40 minutes ago · Report Tina Malone We shouldn't be so eager to simply get our points across. We should really take an interest in people to show genuine love. We are looking for deserving ones. If along our search we run across those who choose not to make themselves deserving, we can still show love by taking a interest and being kind. Only Jehovah knows, that person may keep looking at you and decide to listen to what you have to say in the future. They may one day become your brother or sister. 38 minutes ago · Report Watchtower Very Good Tina!!!!!! The Key here is we want people to see us as their friends. 34 minutes ago · Report Sarah Dumbiri I have leant 2 be friendly nd peaceable with people,not only dt,i also need 2 put on a smiling face nd try 2 greet odas nomatar their social status.indeed it was very interesting 28 minutes ago · Report

    Open Book Our actions and the way we conduct ourselves in the ministry because who nows who is affected by it. The man in Japan who lost his job n a fam mamber was not happy, but he was so taken by the way the brother at the door had a smile the hole time he was talked to rudly..... we can take that point and put it in our ministry that us showing a ... See More happyjoyest spirit gose a long way.... Being polite to our brothes n sisters and all the other ones me incounter on a dayly bases shows Jehovah quality of love and what better way to learn from our creater....

  • iknowall558

    Very Good Tina!!!!!! The Key here is we want people to see us as their friends.

    Isn't this being deceitful and dishonest ? They want peopleto see them as their friends and yet they cannot be their friends as long as they are still 'worldly'. There is no genuine interest in people at all. Its a ploy to boost the numbers. They want the public to see them as their friends when in reality they are not. How dare they try and make people believe this.....all for the purpose of leading them into their religion. This is one of the things that really makes my blood boil about the orgs teaching on association. You are taught never to see the human being, but only to see whether one is a JW or not. Even within the org, your association with others should be based on the strength of loyalty one has to the organization.

    What a horrible statement to make. If I never got booted off the site.....I would have let them know what I thought about that dispicable comment.

  • treadnh2o

    I guess it is not rude to show up annannouced at someones door, repeatedly, sometimes early in the morning or perhaps on a holiday.

    What's most pathetic is that this feels like a "filler" article. They apparently have nothing relevant to publish but they need to put out a monthly magazine!

    What a waste of everyones time!

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