Artists in Societys publications are working under inspiration?

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  • donny

    More hilarious statements. Especially the concluding comment. Mad Sweeney Brother Loasch, I disagree with Jonathan. We who know truth have nothing to fear from anyone. Is Satan stronger than Jesus Christ? Is Christ not ruling over us? "There is no fear in love, but perfect love throws fear outside, because fear exercises a restraint. Indeed, he that is under fear has not been made perfect in love." ~1 John 4:18 Wed at 10:56am · Report Jacqui Stein Excellent point Mad . We have Gods spirit , and also angelic protection .Why should we fear men ? Yesterday at 12:54am · Report Jesse Rachel Diaz I agree. Why do we have to freak when someone has a ligiitmate question. I sometimes feel like a Catholic who has to believe everything the pope says hook, line and sinker. about an hour ago · Nelson Birdwell Well, we must guard against apostasy, it is like gangrene in a congregation. Through my training as an elder and my personal study, we can identify apostates as those who show a tendency towards independent thinking, who question or whose comments may cause another to question the Faithful and Discreet Slave. This is a life or death matter. If ... See More one succumbs to prideful thinking and getting ahead of the teachings of Jehovah as revealed from the Governing Body, then that is apostate behavior. If the Governing Body, made up of men with proven track records in relationship to Jehovah, tells you to turn left every day, then one day says to turn right, you must turn right on command. If you are to turn left the following day, you better do that, because the Slave maybe saving you from being run over by Satan's bus. So, some comments may seem innocuous at first, but they are just being made to get you to question and stumble. Satan works as an angel of light and is targetting each and every on of Jehovah's people as he did Job. about an hour ago · Report

  • jdhf

    OMGoodness!! That is really creepy thinking! I thought the society said diversity was because Jehovah didn't create robots......well maybe he didn't but the WTS certainly did!! Was he really appointed an elder?? That is truly frightening. He has a look of a KKK member don't you think... I can see him and all the other faithful misogynists with their 'white robes' now...only they're not in Heaven!!

  • Mattieu

    Well thats all the laughter I can take on a Saturday morning....


  • leo999

    Hi , Just had to comment on this post as I do want to know if this Nelson is just playing it , or is a real JW ?? Does anyone know as Im on the receiving end of his putting down remarks .If he is real , then I pity the sisters in his cong having to put up with a jerk like him ! I have replied to him , and am wondering if he is going to counsel me furthur lol

  • teel

    Leo, I do not know anything about them, but I'm pretty sure he's for real. I knew such men too, they get to be elders the easiest. He's his own caricature.

    I lol'ed at his comment: "Through my training as an elder and my personal study, we can identify apostates as those who show a tendency towards independent thinking, who question or whose comments may cause another to question the Faithful and Discreet Slave." He's in the spec'ops of Jehovah. I bet he's refering to whether one reads the comments word-by-word from the publications, or adds something extra.

    LongHairGal: Back in the day when we were doing a bookstudy I would hear the stupid comments people would make: "the picture shows...."

    We always had those comments too, and also hated them. It was encouraged too with questions like "And brothers, what does the picture on the left tells us?". It was just so stupid. It was a setup specifically made to fit the article, not a snapshot of some random action. What can it say? Nothing more than the article already says... But then there was always someone saying something like "by the positioning and the smile it's clear that the brother expresses interrest in the little boy, maybe he just asked him how he felt during the study." What the...? No, there's no "maybe he just...", it's a setup folks! Not a snapshot! There was no "spiritual discussion" before, there were instructions by the photographer how to stand!

  • iknowall558

    Always a struggle isn't it - but I wouldn't have it any othetr way. The end is so close I can smell my future pet lion.

    What end is he going to be smelling I wonder. Anyway, its good hes got his eye on the prize. Dont know how to get rid of this highlighter.

  • leo999

    Im just waiting for Nelson to tell us ' sisters ' off for witnessing on the internet lol . Wonder if he will ! Heck , I could easily get pioneer hours in with the time I spend on these sites lol

  • arnoldM

    so informative guys, i guess i found a group beneficially after all....i'll be intouch....if you have time pm me

  • highdose

    ok so wheres the link to this facebook group? how do we get in?

  • agonus

    Someone needs to pull their head out of their "lion" ass...

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