Artists in Societys publications are working under inspiration?

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  • donny

    I saw this in a post from a Watchtower facebook page. A person asks about the discrepancy between the society's illustrations and the actual biblical text. Look at the response for some good humor.

    Jacqui Stein I would like to ask a question as it is something I have puzzled about for a while . Why do the pictures of Jesus dying on the stake in the watchtower publications show the nails in his wrists ? The Scripture is John 20 :25 says of Thomas ......' Unless I see in his hands the print of the nails '. Jesus replies in V 27 ... to Thomas 'Put your finger here and see my hands '. I hope someone here knows the answer .

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    </form> Nelson Birdwell I think the important thing is that we concentrate on Jesus' message while he was here on earth, and even more now that his heavenly kingdom is set up and running. The illustrators of Jehovah's magazines are men who are working under inspiration. I am certain that if it were important that the nail(s) be drawn in the proper location, the Faithful and Discreet Slave would have put an article out with that information. So, sisters, it is time to put the folly of what, where, how Jesus was hung upon the stake behind us, and concentrate on the "why". 4 hours ago · Report
  • JWoods

    I believe that it was at least at one time a minor JW doctrine that the "hand" nails were put through the wrists (to avoid pulling out).

    No, the illustrations are not claimed to be inspired. They are however, often reviewed and sort of edited by higher ups in writing or other depts.

    A poster here some time ago wrote about his trip to Brooklyn and experiences with the largely inept art department.

  • LongHairGal


    Inspired artists? The mind-numbed people act as if this is the case. I am very glad you brought this up!

    Back in the day when we were doing a bookstudy I would hear the stupid comments people would make: "the picture shows...." And I would sit there listening and saying to myself WTF??? . HELLO, DID ANYBODY HAVE A CAMERA OR CAMCORDER IN THE FIRST CENTURY? NO, THEY DID NOT. Well, the people in the religion act as if these colorful pictures were Exhibit A in a courtroom. All these pictures represent are an artist's rendition of what the religion sees the scriptures as saying. Nothing more.

    I was disturbed to see that the average person there checks their brains at the door and doesn't even think!

  • agonus

    "it is time to put the folly of what, where, how Jesus was hung upon the stake behind us, and concentrate on the "why".


    Jesus' being hung on a "stake" vs. a "cross" are one of the KEY TEACHINGS of the WT which they claim sets them apart from False Christianity. If being a True Christian is dependent on these sort of details, and you're gonna shun people based on hairsplitting, prepare to have your hairs split.

  • Magwitch

    "So, sisters, it is time to put the folly of what, where, how Jesus was hung upon the stake behind us, and concentrate on the "why".

    This just sounds so damn patronizing... what a codescending prick!

  • donny

    And for more good the last entry.

    Nelson Birdwell I was just banned from commenting at another watchtower site. They strike me a spiritual babies who claim to offer spiritual food but only sips of milk are present. I don't believe they are what they claim to be, that is devout strong witnesses of Jehovah. They a quaking weaklings who wrestle control from the faithf ... ul and discreet slave. I bet Brother Anhk would be banned from there and he is of the annointed!

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    4 hours ago · Comment · Like Unlike · View Feedback (6) Hide Feedback (6) · Report Lorraine Catherine Barrie Too bad Nelson,,, I was banned from one too and I still dont know why. I felt the way you do because I like to get into spiritual discussions and not just keep going on about how 'wonderful' everything is. We already know that being part of the org. is wonderful and we are very thankful to be no part of the world, but there are only so many ' ... See More vanilla' responses and statements you can make before you start looking for something 'savoury' to eat. No one can wrestle control from the Fathful Slave, because the control is in Jesus' hands. Do not be angry, but be glad you have been banned. In this way, you will be spared the lies and deceiving speech of these apostates who are obviously trying to lead us away from jehovahs true organization. 4 hours ago · Report Nelson Birdwell Very wise words. 3 hours ago · Report Joy Farrelly they are wolves dressed in sheeps' clothing...I agree Lorraine! Satan tries to get us to draw away from Jehovah's would ANY right hearted person lose faith in His Spirit apointed Organisation?! 38 minutes ago · Report Jesse Rachel Diaz I was banned for reasons unknown. All I said was that my parents and brother no longer attend and that I was having an uphill climb. 36 minutes ago · Jacqui Stein Hi Jesse , Im glad that you were able to join our little group , and that you will find comfort and encouragement here .We are all lovers of truth here . 20 minutes ago · Report Angus Robertson Always a struggle isn't it - but I wouldn't have it any othetr way. The end is so close I can smell my future pet lion. 19 minutes ago · Report </form>
  • Magwitch

    And what does that smell like?

  • LittleSister

    That's right slap the sisters down, who told them to start thinking.

    It is obviously impossible for brothers to admit a mistake or simply put it down to artistic licence.

  • jdhf

    haha! that's gas!! lion taming should be fun angus lol!!

  • Magwitch

    that's gas!! lion taming should be fun angus - Too Funny

    his name seems to fit quite well

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