If You Really Want to Bring Down Jehovah's Witnesses (for your peace of mind)

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  • AllTimeJeff

    Get them to think.

    Do you have loved ones? Friends? Stuck in the cult?

    Get them to think.

    And remember, the history of the world is littered with people who go through some, most, or even all of their lives without thinking. If they don't think now, it doesn't mean they won't think at some point.

    So the attack is like water on rock, small ideas pounding on something that appears impenetrible, but in reality, is slowly giving ground to the natural forces against it, forces that will ultimately bring them down,.

    But bringing down the borg becomes nothing more then an exercise in Ahab chasing the whale if you only think of it as revenge. The best thing that can happen is that for those who are willing, they think, and live the lives that they choose.

    It's not about the borg. It's about the people inside. You won't get all of them, esp those who don't want to think. But for those that do, help them. Don't make it too personal, but give them some facts and ideas.

    Ideas represent the best chance for that to happen.

  • Butterflyleia85

    I also found this had helpful suggestions. How do I open close minded people?

  • leec

    The way I see it, "my" JW friend is unlikely to leave precisely because she has friends and family "stuck in the cult." If she DAs herself, she loses her mother, father, and especially her dead brother ... none of whom will she see in "Paradise." To me that seems like a pretty water-tight strangle hold. Especially for a female (I have obversed that females are particularly sensitive to maintaining ties with their family, a lot more so than males), what rational argument is there to push back against THAT much perceived loss?

  • AllTimeJeff

    Family ties have nothing to do with the mental freedom you allow yourself to disagree.

    Even if the best one can do because of family is a fade, at least you know WHY you are doing it, and that if push came to shove, you will get that blood transfusion, you will call the police on that pedophile.

    Being stuck in as a nominal member still can be alright if they are fading. At least they are doing it for reasons that are their own.

  • cantleave

    Butterfly - good link THANKS!

  • tjlibre

    I remember once hearing R.F saying in an interview, that one of the best ways to expose the WT is by publishing material. Of course, that was before the internet (communication) explosion.

    Publishing is easier now than what it was 10 or 20 yrs ago. As 2014 approaches and the “conscious class” continues to grow. I think now is a good time to start a massive campaign raising awareness. A very effective way is to target a couple of major cities like London, NY, etc with bus signs like the ones used by the “atheist campaign bus org” (www.atheistbus.org.uk/). These caused quite a stir and free publicity practically followed. Were we to form a coalition with the ex-mormons, ex-moonies, other former cult members, and interest parties, I think we could at least accomplish getting the word out. We could raise awareness and get the media rallying with sing like… “There is probably not a TRUE religion” And the ones claiming to be the Truth are CULTS” www.cultswareness.org [fake cite]. “So you thought that the END was near” Jesus said no one will know, so how come that your leaders say they knew?”. IF YOU ARE A JW, A MORMON OR A MOONIE...YOU ARE IN A DANGEROUS CULT!!! Prove it for yourself (unless you are afraid of demons) www.cultswareness.org. Etc.

    The website will serve as a bridge to other cites with material dealing with each religion (or cult). And right before it dies off…a couple of public service announcements…right before the memorial, a major news paper campaign targeting the issue plaguing the WT.

  • Terry

    I think Jehovah's Witnesses are down. Way down.

    What do they have going for them right now?

    As a date-setting doomsday cult they are so deep into leftovers they must be choking on the chicken bone.

    No BIG PUSH to publicize like the End of 6000 years of human existence!

    The are scared shitless of Muslim terrorists since the World Trade Center went down in their neighborhood, so, they can't even use Terroism

    as a big banner Watchtower topic.

    Not one person in a hundred has a clue what JW's teach because they do such a feckless, lackluster job of their preaching.

    The biggest market for their endless conveyor belt book releases are the JW's themselves at local Kingdom Halls.

    The Internet has made mincemeat of their carefully crafted boob-job self-history.

    Their Theology is from Cartoonland.

    Young people are fleeing the boring monotony of local Kingdom Halls in droves.

    Where will the next generation of slack-jawed wonders come from?

    It has to be the 3rd world emerging from poverty. Won't that be dandy?

    The Catholic church will incubate the hatchlings and the JW's will snatch them up and make programmed frickasee out of them!

    Naw, the Watchtower Society has been down for a long time like a stumble bum boxer who doesn't realize he's been counted out and struggles to his knees to face more punishment.

    They're done. Somebody call a cab.

    It's not about the borg. It's about the people inside. You won't get all of them, esp those who don't want to think. But for those that do, help them. Don't make it too personal, but give them some facts and ideas.

    Well said ATJ.

    Progress toward unbiased learning and informed decissions based on free will is only possible if they have the willingness and desire to think and face the facts.

    The best we can do is try to nurture and cultivate an atmosphere where the have opportunity to do so and be honest with themselves.

  • shamus100

    Perhaps they enjoy the cozy blanket, and fairy tale dreams of everyone living by those f***ing waterfalls all over the place. And petting lions. Completely unreal, but a reality to people who don't enjoy thinking.

    That is what a typical dub is. And you can't get them to think. Underline the answers in the botchtower? Wow! You're so spiritual. Regurgitate an answer for the drones at the study, "oh, I enjoyed your comment", slap on the back.

    They just aren't going to think no matter how hard you force them.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Not if you point out that someone who underlines and comments at a WT study is considered more spritual then a humble, "Christlike" person. That always resonated with me. And there are JW's within who strongly believe that those who pioneer and underline their WT's but are otherwise cruel and @$$hole like are not as much a servant of god as those who strive to act spiritual.....

    Those are the ones who I like to call "NEXT"! As in, the next to leave the cult.

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