My Mother Still Prays For Me To Come Back To The "Truth" Every Day!

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  • minimus

    She told me yesterday that she holds out hope for me to be like the prodigal son and come back. (Between us, I don't think that's gonna happen).

  • PSacramento

    My Mom still tells me she prays that Jehovah will open my eyes to the truth and I will become a JW.

  • undercover

    So does my mom. I get little reminders about how close to the end we are and that I need to get back to meetings.

    Bless her heart.

  • WingCommander

    Apparently she doesn't know that you have over 30,000 posts on just this ONE apostate site alone????

    Oh, I bet she just DREAMS of the day that you'll walk through the KingDUMB Hall doors with her and sing those new super-fine uplifting KingDUMB Melodies!!!

    Yeah, maybe if they labotomize you first. LOL!!!!

    - Wing Commander

  • journey-on

    Why not tell her you pray for guidance and direction in finding the truth and you feel your prayers are being answered by keeping you out of a man made high control fanatical religious group that would allow their own child to die or a parent to shun their own flesh and blood just because of some interpretation by a bunch of old men in New York.

  • The Berean
    The Berean

    I ask again ... would a religion survive without the controlling support of Mothers? If your Mom wasn't a JW, she would be telling you to go back to Mass, Temple, or a Mosque etc. It just goes with parenthood. Expect it!

  • minimus

    I tell her I pray for her too, to see "The Truth".

  • VIII

    I just got my monthly Watchtower and Awake! delivery. Along with a very overdue (one month late) anniversary card.

    The magazines were, oddly, in another language!!! WTF?! I have no fxing clue why she would give me those complete pieces of garbage in English, let alone what looks to be Croatian. Seriously. TP maybe? The price of Charmin is going up, but...

    She also sent me an e-mail telling me Satan controls the world and the System is ending and I need to come back to Jehovah. All I need to do is let her start an In Home Bible Study with my husband and I and she can get us in before the Big A. This was last week.

    In her card, the anniversary card, she told me she is praying to Jehovah that I'll come back and bring my husband with me.




    My husband saw the mags on the counter, asked "What the fxuck are those doing here? Why does she keep sending them? Oh, nice card, except for the totally fxcked up message, geeze."

    And he just shook his head and walked out of the room.

    That kind of shit is why come to this board. I feel like I am in a weird time warp. A psycho ward dealing with her. I want to yank out my hair sometimes.

  • minimus

    What can you do?

  • Robdar

    Yeah, my parents use to do that too. I would always reply that I was seeking the truth earnestly and asking Jehovah to guide me to it. And if the JWs were true, I'd see them again. All we needed was to wait on Jah.

    they never knew how to respond.

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