I could'nt believe my eyes!!

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  • BQE

    I was hanging around my mom's house yesterday, and I just happened to leaf through the January 8th AFAKE! magazine, about the WTC disaster.
    No doubt that perhaps many of the Sept. 11 experiences are real, but what I mostly read were these shameless advertisements for the Watchtower complex in downtown Brooklyn!! I was appalled!! Take it from me gang, I happened to be in downtown Brooklyn on 9/11, and I had to walk all the way home to via the Manhattan bridge. Anyone who knows the area well knows that, yes, the Watchtower is there. But none, none of those Witnesses or Bethelites were anywhere in sight!!!

    I actually saw one person, I guess it was a "brother" standing guard by one of the entrances to one of the Watchtower buildings, making sure that noone attempted to get in!! I did not see one witness handing out water (like many of the other churches in the area were), nor did I see one witness helping the paramedics, nor did I see any of the building open to the public so at least the people who were coming off the bridge could use the restrooms, make phone calls, etc.
    That is why I was beside myself with anger when I read these damn articles!! "As soon as I got off the Brooklyn bridge, I saw the Watchtower, and I knew I was safe." YEAH RIGHT!! I was friggin there, not one Watchtower Rep was in sight!! I betcha the GB bolted out of there as fast as anyone can imagine while all of that was happening!!! You think they gave a damn about the walking masses? HELL NO!!

  • Scully

    I wish I could remember some of the complete and utter CRAP that I read regarding 9/11 in Brooklyn on a JW's website. It made me want to HURL. Like the story of a bus load of JWs who got stuck on a bridge on their way to Manhattan. Their first stop was supposed to be the WTC. "Oh Jehovah was protecting us!!" "Oh the bus driver was so grateful for his precious cargo (the JWs)"

    It was nothing but self-congratulatory bullshit for them to stroke their egos with.

    I hope someone, somewhere sends a copy of that AFAKE! to Rudy Guiliani. I'm sure he KNOWS exactly what happened when the doors were locked tight at WT HQ on 9/11/2001. I would seriously LOVE to see a reporter tear them to shreds over this.

    Love, Scully

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  • Pureheart

    I can relate to what you are saying. It is hard to explain to people, and to paint a clear picture of the WTS's cold response to humanitarian aid. It makes one angry.


  • jayhawk1

    I am not surprised. The Society is always looking for a tragedy to turn into a join our cult article.

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  • BQE
    I hope someone, somewhere sends a copy of that AFAKE! to Rudy Guiliani. I'm sure he KNOWS exactly what happened when the doors were locked tight at WT HQ on 9/11/2001. I would seriously LOVE to see a reporter tear them to shreds over this.

    BELIEVE ME, I took the copy from my mom's house and its on it's way to him!!!

  • razorMind

    Okay, I got into an argument with a JW poster on another website a few months ago.

    She insisted that JW's were the first on the site when the attacks happened, helping rescue people. She made it sound like they were the first to arrive as a group, NOT individuals who were already there. I found it hard to believe, but wasn't sure and didn't pursue the matter further.

    I wonder where she got that info...?

  • Simon

    I think people see through it when someone is trying to cash in on things - especially a tradgedy like Sep 11.

    The mums at Dylans playgroup all thought the WatchTower was disgusting.

  • Lindy

    Just to play the devil's advocate here, how would you know if any of the people that you saw on the streets we witnesses or not? You don't know how many ran out of the building immedieatley to be on the scene. It is not like they dress like the Amish or Mennonites. You would not recognize them, no more than you would recognize a Catholic or a Baptist on the site.

    Your anger seems to be overriding reason. I agree that they surely exaggerated their assistance to make themselves look good. But so have other organizations tied into this disaster. I hear that they didn't let anyone in at first, but later they started helping reaching out to others after calming the JWs in the immediate area. But is this necessarily unreasonable given the circumstances? Some of the JW's themselves were caught in this dreadful happening and were in the buildings that colapsed. This did affect everyone, including the Witnesses. Don't forget that the average joe JW really is so brainwashed that they wouldn't see anything wrong in the way the "Elders" handled things. Even the "Elders" themselves are taught to "excluded" not to "include." Wrong, but factual.

    Maybe they didn't open to the public immediately due to enforced security reasons. You may not know all the story. Did all the other buildings open up immediately, did you check that out before accusing one "business?" After all, two buildings just blew up and at the time they didn't know what was what. I am sure most of the sky scrapers have security enforced during a disater to protect the people in their own buildings first. I would think all the businesses in New York have security codes they enforce in case of something like this happening. You need to secure your own building before you reach out to help others. But once it was known, they did open up and stepped in to help.

    No hate posts back, just trying to make you see that all is not what it seems, even our dislike for the WTBTS. I know that we all know the facts about the Society religious-wise, but let's not let human nature and security codes and company proceedure get confused with our hatred for the lies that the society spews out religously.

    As Always,

  • sf

    "I actually saw..."

    You actual WITNESSED it all?

    "BELIEVE ME, I took the copy from my mom's house and its on it's way to him!!!"

    May I inquire as to who "him" is?

    I would also send, via email, this sites addy, as I have to many media outlets I'm wired up to. Allow "him" or any other reporter, to HEAR your actual account of what you WITNESSED. And that what you are reading from the publication is a false account on the part of the WTBTS in Brooklyn; because you were there and this is NOT factual.

    There is also editorial pages in your newspapers where you could relate what you WITNESSED. Your community will read it there. And perhaps start a series of letters by others who WITNESSED the same things. What the goal would be by doing this, is that the community starts discussing WTBTS/JWS and people DO become more interested in TRUTH and FACTS. I for one, look to that goal daily.

    I wish you well in giving your community a headstart.


  • LovesDubs

    So a busload of JWs was on their way to the WTC that morning and were SAVED? If Jehovah is using this as a SIGN of the end why would he be sending his PHINEST into the fray that day? Why wouldnt Jehoover have cleared out all of his PHINEST from the building before ALLOWING the buildings to be attacked and destroyed? So Jehoover plays favorites with his PHINEST? Were all the JWs in the building BAD BAD JWS who didnt keep the congregation average and deserved to die? And all those on the bus were GOOD JWs with all "G"s on their school report card? What the hell kind of reasoning is THAT?? The JWs can take ANYTHING and make it say ME ME ME US US US WE WE WE and frankly it makes me puke. They take the biggest disaster in American History and turn it into a propaganda opportunity to sell THEMSELVES as GODS CHOSEN. somebody hand me the barf bag....

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