I could'nt believe my eyes!!

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  • moman

    The condeming of the US armed forces iz what realy stinks. The Dubs enjoy the security & protection of the brave people in our armed forces, while they Pontificate behind their ivory tower! They relish the destruction of the very ones putting their lives on the line, while they run their TAX-FREE & LABOR-FREE publishing company.


  • ApostasyDuJour

    Your observations are correct. Guards WERE posted at Bethel to keep "outsiders" from coming on their premises after the 9-11 attacks. Bethel was placed in a state of complete lock-down. The information presented in the Awake! issue entitled "Courage in the Face of Disaster" on the cover is inaccurate. To say the least, the Governing Body did not display courage, but cowardice. The following is an email which was sent by a Bro. Navarro from Bethel, and which briefly appeared on a pro-JW web site, but was quickly removed within 48 hours. Fortunately, I retained the text. Here is Bro. Navarro's email, verbatim:
    I just got this from Bro. Luis Navarro at bethel!
    Dear Brother and Sisters,

    It's 2:30 AM and the phone lines are now open around
    here. Hopefully,you'll be able to get this message.
    Pardon the "generic look" but I wanted to pass this
    one as soon as possible I have a Manhattan view
    from my office here in Brooklyn. I got to see
    everything first hand. It was not pleasant. Bethel is
    located across the East River from Manhattan
    so any explosions and buildings collapsing did not
    affect us but the smoke did. They evacuated the 360
    Furman building after lunch because
    the wind was blowing the smoke from the explosion
    toward it.

    Here in the Factory, we shut off all ventilation,
    presses, bindery, windows, etc. We all went to the
    main lobby where the Bindery Overseer said a prayer.
    We were then sent to the 90 Sands Dining room. I ended
    with the security detail in one of the lobbies.

    At lunch, Brother Losch, from the Governing Body,
    reflecting that this disaster might be able to help
    other be more receptive to the truth, read an
    announcement from the Branch Committee. It basically
    told us to be more conscious of security since the
    police would be busy with the disaster. (We posted
    extra watchman all over the place.) We were
    "encouraged" to stay within the Bethel compound and
    not venture to the meetings or territory.The
    colloquial term the younger ones around here
    is lockdown.

    Each body of elders then started contacting the
    different ones in their book study groups, who in turn
    contacted the presiding overseer who in then passed it
    on to the assembly overseers, then the circuit
    and then to Bethel. By 10:30 pm tonight, everyone from
    my circuit (1 of several here in the city) was
    accounted for. It took a long time because
    all subways were shut down and everyone had to walk
    over the bridges. Cell phones, pay phones and any
    radio equipment were useless because the
    main antenna system was on one of the twin towers.
    Kids were not able to get home since the school would
    not release them until the parents picked them up.
    Meanwhile, the parents couldn't pick them up because
    they too were stuck in the city. So, it was a rather
    long day.

    One family visiting Bethel was taking a tour. They
    were staying at the World Trade Center Marriot and had
    just gotten in early to tour when they saw the
    explosion. They lost all their belongings in the
    explosion but were alive. They were shaken up but
    glad to be alive.
    Bethel fed them and was later told, housed until
    further notice. They told me that all the guests
    visiting were invited to have a meal with the
    Bethel family.

    Meanwhile, the MASSIVE exodus from Manhattan over the
    Brooklyn Bridge was orderly and calm.

    Tomorrow morning, no doubt we'll have a more accurate
    report at Morning worship. I'll let you know of any
    updates then.

    The best thing we can all do is pray to Jehovah and
    help others appreciate in the field that the answer
    to these problems is the kingdom and that it is NOT
    as far away as some think.


    Luis Navarro

  • Stephanus

    Oooooh! They are detestable! This January 8 Awake is a fulfillment of my prophecy of September 12:

    My predictive abilities compared to those of the Watchtower, especially about what depths they are capable of plumbing, are infinitely superior, it appears. You'll never go broke betting on the depravity of the WBTS, it would seem!

    "Oh God! To hear the Insect on the leaf pronouncing on the too much life among his hungry brothers in the dust." - The Ghost of Christmas Present

  • BQE

    To Lindy:

    I think that you make some valid points, however, as I was there personally, it wasnt just one building I checked out. I spent a good two hours in the area just trying to figure out a way to get into Manhattan; the cops would not let me across the Brooklyn bridge. I remember the residence that my sister stays in and the building where she works, those were actually the two first places I went to (right off of Jay street) and the buildings were locked . I know that JWs aren't that easy to spot, like you said, they dont dress like Amish people, however, that's not the point. My point is that the articles just shamelessly drew unnecessary and exaggerated attention to the Watchtower building up on Columbia street, when in fact, that street was completely blocked off, and noone
    other than NYPD was in sight!

    PS SF, Please email me, I am in fact interested in talking to some reporters about what I saw. The old contacts I had with the Mayor's office are, well, some of them perished with the towers and some I lost touch with because they moved from NYC. Well anyway, just drop me a line.

  • bluesapphire

    BQE, since your mom is a witness, there is a recent rag that I desperately need for another of my mom's meetings with my sis. Can you e-mail me at bincita@hotmail.com. Thank you.

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