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    My only experience with DNA-related spookiness is as follows.

    When I was 25 years old I went looking for my father whom I'd never known. He "left" when I was less than a year old.

    Consequently, all of my experience and associations were on my mother's side of the family. I was mostly reared by grandparents (maternal.)

    So, here I was at age 25 searching for my Dad in Detroit, Michigan (having traveled a thousand miles or so) from Fort Worth, Texas.

    Long story short: I met him and spent about a week with him.

    From this encounter I could quickly determine which side of the family connected with particular traits I possessed.

    For example: My natural artistic ability clearly did NOT come from my Dad. (One daughter, my first, has the exact same handwriting I do and the ability to do photo realistic portraits without training.)


    When I was in High School I was extremely interested in expanding my vocabulary and memorized 16 new words a day. I went so far as to pay school chums if they came to me with a word I did not already know.

    Here is the "spooky" part....

    My Dad told me when he went into a bar he took with him an unabridged dictionary and placed it on a table. He'd challenge anybody in the bar to find a word he did not know. The loser bought the other fella beer!

    To me that is just extraordinary demonstration of some specific trait. Maybe I'm wrong. I dunno. (Note: I had not mentioned what I'd done dictionary-wise before he told me.)

    Further, I was school spelling champion. Turns out my Dad and his sister were also spelling champs.

    I was a very fast typist. My Dad and his sister could type 120 words per minute (on the old mechanical typewriters; not the electric).

    That sort of thing seems to indicate TRAITS in DNA.

    I taught myself to play piano. My Dad is tone deaf. I have a daughter who taught herself to play piano as well.

    How definitive is heredity?

    Having been separated from my Father's influence my entire life up to age 25 and then discovering a connection...makes me lean toward heredity rather than socializing influence. But, who knows.

    I've long been fascinated with genius in young children demonstrated by extraordinary "talent" of ability such as music, chess, math, etc.

    In my opinion, only certain features of the mind are transmissable as discrete fully-developed and mature abilities. Memory is so particular in time, space and context it is hardware oriented (meat brain). Further, "meaning" is subjective.

    A bad experience is personal. The worst experience is death. This could hardly be followed by procreation. But, certainly there is much we can not now know.

    Deja Vu, as it turns out, is the "clock" part of your brain having a hiccup. Each of us has a sense of "time" indicating before, during and after.

    When this hiccups something we experience NOW is lost track of on the time scale. Instead of it being NOW, it becomes AGAIN.

    Sort of a temporal math error!

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    OOH I've never had a thread of mine bumped after this long - going back to read your new links, frankiespeaking. Yay!

    Thanks so much Terry for your stories and insights. This topic is still very facinating to me! It's not so much about our parents but the generations that came before them and what they contributed to our DNA that intrigues me.

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    When you think about our view of the world or how we experience the world through the 5 senses is all coded in our DNA. DNA can be read perhaps holographic-ally and linearly it all depends on what we learn in the future.

    This is what I think to be true.

    All the gods and goddesses all figure into the way we would interpret the world through these senses before science and consciousness existed. Gods come from the unconscious in the form of Archetypes. They are a projection just like the color red, or the beautiful sound of a bird or note are projection.

    I see that they form a part of the collective unconscious of man that is passed on to us by DNA.

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    Some humans want to use a slingshot, spear or bow and arrow and a video game is a good release for that need.

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    Moshe!!! I've recently become quite addicted to Angry Birds. Your post is traumatic for me.

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    I think the DNA memory thing may help to explain Karma, and the cycle of rebirths. After all the idea of a seperate me is a mental construct and as such may get reborn time and again through the right combination of DNA and carry with it some previous karma of past lives lived.

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    I agree, frankie - I'd like to think there's a scientific reason for all of that...

    At any rate, it's something I've found personally interesting because of travelling - there are few places where I've felt 'at home' the first time I've been there but have felt it nevertheless and others that, no matter how much I enjoy my holiday there, it's just that - a holiday.

  • moshe
    Moshe!!! I've recently become quite addicted to Angry Birds.

    My 11 year old daughter is waiting for the next installment- this is the first video game that she has really wanted to play all the time- Me, I like to play it too, but for maybe 10 minutes at a time- and only once a week.

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