How To Witness to Jehovah's Witnesses Video

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  • Perry

    I recently shared my views on how to witness to Jehovah's Witnesses to a local congregation. The video link is also below:

    Maybe this will help some reach out to loved ones that are still members.

  • cofty
    Where was your parrot?
  • Twitch
    I thought it was a pigeon...
  • azor

    What exactly can I use from this video to help my family? I'm willing to listen to something that will help. I just listened to roughly 20 minutes and there is not a thing in that time that I can use to help them. Is there a time at which there are some practical suggestions?

    I'm not interested in being preached at any more. I have already wasted 40 years of my life listening to people drone on. I can't handle people droning on and on about there personal revelation. It's like listening to the crappy personal experiences I had to listen to as a jw and hated. I couldn't bear reading the yearbook and tried to skip the meetings that reviewed them.

    Most of my family is still trapped and I will try any method to get them out. If this is false advertising to get many like me to listen shame on you.

  • ihunt
    I can't give an exact time, but somewhere around 40 minutes in he talks about questioning witnesses about the new covenant and the 144,000. I skipped around it and didn't listen to it very thoroughly, but there may be some points towards the end.
  • PokerPlayerPhil

    Thank you Perry, I think after all the evil I've suffered from JWs who tell me to "Wait on Jehovah for decades" like I've done, not very effective in helping people deal with their wicked people and lie to us by telling us the same old lies and circular logic (Wait on Jehovah" They are not as they attack people with lawsuits" It's ok for JWs to hurt others legally but Witnesses must sit back and get trashed heaped upon them")

    Thank you Perry!

  • Vanderhoven7
    Thanks for sharing this Perry.
  • Listener
    Great talk Perry that deserved 5 likes but I could only give one.
  • steve2
    I'm not sure there'd be any benefit from listening to someone talk for 20-plus minutes about their personal testimony. It is highly preachy and would likely put off curious JWs.
  • cantleave
    To much waffle, any witness would die of boredom listening to the testimonies of personal delusion . The African grey might have helped.

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