A Major Problem With The Catholic Church

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  • minimus

    It's sad to see that some things just don't change in the area of protecting priests involved with sexual abuse, even if it happened decades ago! The Church should be ashamed of their knowing that certain priests are pedophiles and they are still priests, acting as a mediator between Christ and people.

  • BurnTheShips

    It's very bad. They should have handled it very differently. At least here in the US, they have made a lot of changes in the last few years after the scandal erupted.


  • minimus

    Still, the situation is not resolved. When allegations are made regarding certain priests, the Church has no right to shield these priests.

  • minimus

    This is a worldwide problem. The clergy has a number of pedophiles within its ranks, sad to say. I'm glad organizations like SNAP force the issue!

  • PSacramento

    The RCC well never learn.

    It keeps doing the same crap over and over to rpove to the world that, stupidy is the hallmark of organized religion that becomes "greater" than their message.

    People commit crimes they should pay the price.

    Forgiveness has NOTHING to do with cover ups, intimidation and power trips.

    They shoudl have done the correct thing and deffer to the superiour authorities: The Police.

    When a crime is commited the correct authority is the police, period.

  • minimus

    PSac, I TOTALLY concur. I have no respect for the RCC.

  • PSacramento

    I love Catholics, they are a tolerant and forgiving religion, at times.

    The heirachy of the RCC is just so corrupt and out of touch with reality that it needs to be scrapped and started over from scratch.

    Shit, If I was a cardinal and I found out about these attempted cover ups I would have people's heads !

    The status quo is kept when the status quo is working and worth keeping, that is NOT the case with the RCC heirachy.

  • donny

    I have a cousin who is a Priest and I asked him about this pedophile issue a few years ago. His answer was very interesting. He said that many folks lay blame on the fact that priests are celibate as a reason that this has become a problem. He stated that this is not the case. He has been celibate for 15 years and never once has had an inclination to molest a child, or anyone for that matter.

    He said a long, long time ago, pedophiles realized that becoming a priest was a way to have easy access to the ones they desired. They knew folks back then never questioned anyone who wore the robes and this was the perfect place for them to "hide out" and ply their trade. When they molested their victims, they knew no one would believe them so they were not afraid. Eventually word got around to these perverts that if you wanted to enjoy your perversion, the priesthood was the place to be and it was so for hundreds of years.

    It has only been in these enlighted times that this has come to light and he said more will continue to be revealed as time goes on. He also said that this is not just a Catholic issue, it's infected just about every authoritive based religion. He said that evenually we will be horrified when it becomes well known what goes on in the Islamic world (he's good friends with an imam who has told him some eye opening accounts).


  • minimus

    If a lot of the bigshots do this, it would explain why they don't go after these people ferverntly.

  • undercover

    I have a hard time expressing shock or surprise at how the RCC has handled this. Their history is full of violence and misdeeds. Why should the evil discovered in their ranks now be worse than what they've already done over the centuries?

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