1914 - Soon to be Forgotten

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  • wobble

    I just have to quote the great Terry "Their Theology is from Cartoonland" and the more they try to change it the sillier it gets.

    I wouldn't have believed it could get more ludicrous, but it does ! And it will do, to distance themselves from 1914 and therefore 1919 ,which they have to do to survive the internet age, they will be forced to come up with something more ridiculous than the overlapping generation.



  • designs

    It would take some clever hop scotching around to come up with a revised 1914/1919 twist, but I have very assurance that the Lads back in Bethel will come up with something. 4-5 changes to the Generation teaching are just the warmup to redoing the biggie.

    I think they will look to the Church of Rome and study how they kept Papal Authority while changing dogmas.

  • Mary
    It happened with WWCOG...

    You're right it did. The leadership publically recanted alot of their bizarre teachings, apologized to the rank and file, became more mainstream and far more tolerable of what you can celebrate and believe------and promptly lost 3/4 of their membership.

    People who are members of religions like the WWCoG, the WTS, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Scientology, or Islam, do not do well with drastic changes in their beliefs. It makes them very uncomfortable because the reason they belong to the group in the first place is because it's "different" than most other religions and it makes them feel special. To have that "special" feeling taken away can easily be interpreted as a threat to your spirituality and many people just can't handle it.

    I can't see 1914 going anywhere any time soon although they don't promote it anywhere near as often as they used to. As has already been mentioned on here: they can't get rid of it without getting rid of the doctrine that Jesus chose these guys as the F&DSC in 1919 and if they do that, they lose their scriptural authority to rule over 6.5 million people and that is something they will never do.

    Let's face it: Their latest interpretation as to what "this generation" means, is a pathetic joke and does nothing but reveal their desperate attempt to hold onto their power for as long as possible. In over 140 years, they've never apologized for anything no matter how many lives they've destroyed or how f*cking ridiculous some of their doctrines have been. They just don't give a shit. And they never will.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    They can't "drop" 1914 but if they can change the fundamental definition of a regular English word like "generation" they can surely shed noo lite on what 1914 means. Surely they can dig up some rationale for Jesus returning to inspect his house, throwing Satan our of heaven, and appointing the FDS while eliminating the idea that he actually invisibly took the throne at that time. By pulling Jesus out of the seat, we dubs then would have the next significant Blble event to look forward to: the enthronement. They could even liken Jesus Kingdom campaign to Noah's 120 years of preaching and set a new date: 2034. They could dig up some sort of "crown prince had to wait 120 days" crap from somewhere and posit their ridiculous "day for a year" interpretation to it.

    So while they can't drop 1914 as the source of their power, they can make it mean any thing they want it to mean.

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