1914 - Soon to be Forgotten

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  • RR

    I agree 1914 cannot be forgotten, the very foundation of the WTS rest on it. Dismiss 1914, then you dismiss the Lord's presence, and if he hasn't returned then there is no faithful and discreet slave class for the Lord to put over his domestics. If they have no authority, then nothing they teach is relevant.


  • RR

    that would be short for "Rank & File" Paul

  • agonus

    Wow, Dozy, that IS quite a downturn.

    And yet it's still part of the "accurate knowledge" REQUIRED for salvation...

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    If they have no authority, then nothing they teach is relevant.

    That's not true at all. Why does someone need to have authority for what they teach to be relevant? It is what you teach that is relevant, not your authority. The correctness of what you teach is what gives you authority, not some date.

    If the Watchtower Society abandoned the 1914 tomorrow then most JW's would still stick with them as God's channel. Why? Because no other religion teaches the signature core JW 'truth's (no immortal soul, no trinity, no hell, paradise earth, Jehovah's name) on such a big scale globally as do the JW's. As long as the GB sticks to those truths, they can change anything and still retain their authority in the minds of most JW's.

  • wobble

    Sadly I do believe you are right Yadda Yadda about dubs sticking with them. but if they do drop 1914 etc. albeit slowly and craftily, it still means that decades of false teaching has gone on.

    The problem is that you cannot get a dub to reason (there should be a full stop at that point) that the Noo Light could be,and most certainly is, the same as th Old Light, a great big steaming pile of poo !



  • AllTimeJeff

    They will likely over time change what it means, but they would have to destroy 80+ years of written material to try and pretend it never happened. 1914 will always be there. How the GB will teach it over the next decade is what will change. Expect more new light as the GB gets a new package of batteries for their flashlight.

  • Gerard

    As they have done inumerable times, they will flush old bullshit doctrine and replace it by another, as they did with the Pyramids of Giza, Jehovah living in the Pleiades, organ transplants, Generation(TM), vaccines, aluminum, etc. No apologies. No explanations. Only prolonging the cult's life.

    1914 may seem basic today, but it may not be so tomorrow. All they need is to print a little article and making reference to the Advancing New Light (TM)(Patented)(Registered) make up another story and crack the wip for the sheep to follow without questions. You know this, for you have seen it before.

  • hamsterbait

    Like every change in the "Generation" doctrine, they will introduce it with:

    How are we to recognise the FDS Class?


    "all the evidence proves"

    "all the relevant scriptures show"

    "the facts speak for themselves"

    "who else has been preaching Bible truths?"

    The Governing Body of jehovahs witlesses.

    1914, 1919 both rendered unnecessary to the argument.

    The gofors will swallow it whole like all the other rotting elephants over the years.

    Remember they have changed the date of Christs presence twice, and other dates too. The R&F will believe what they are told. Remember the average JW will throw their life away as required. We are not dealing with people who like to think for themselves.


  • Gerard

    I agree. Besides, the The WT has NEVER been limited to consistency or logic, they only produce interpretations that 1) sell; and 2) reinforce their control over JWs.

  • zzaphod

    Cheers RR, pretty obvious really DOH!

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