Are these things still frowned upon/banned?.

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  • ziddina

    Aw, I can't see you killing a thread, Quiltsky!

  • bulgogiboy

    Something else I was made to feel guilty about, or at least 'different' about('different' in a KH full of religious maniacs haha) was the fact I was doing a degree at university. There were certain people who were always trying to prove they were cleverer than me, or would just make the assumption that I must be arrogant and self-assured(you'd never find a self-assured person in a KH would you....? ). I never even brought it up unless asked, it was other people who did. In fact, if anything it wasnt my uni studies that made me puffed-up with pride, it was the fact I kept getting told I knew the meaning of life in the KH, and that while the rest of the world was blinded by Satan, me and the other 6 million 'chosen' were buddies with the almighty!

    I'm sure the WT must outsource its legal defence in child molestation cases to 'worldly' lawyers, I suppose they are quite glad at least some people are able to commit to the years of hard study and expense that it takes to become a legal professional. And I bet those old farts in Brooklyn dont denounce the evils of university education when they are at the doctor's office, having their prostate checked for the millionth time, I bet they listen intently to whatever they are being told by the EXPERTS (and having some faithful and discreet pleasure if its a pretty doctor who's doing the poking about ).

    Can you imagine if everyone on earth actually took the WT advice about higher education?? You wouldnt need Armageddon to kill off millions, it would happen naturally due to the lack of doctors, chemists, engineers, architects, etc.

  • BluesBrother

    Around here in slow old middle England , it would be only a brand new "study" who would use the word luck. or "Bless you"

    Dubs do not raise glasses in a toast , wear beards , admit in public to liking rock music. They might enjoy watching football but it is "just not done" to talk about it at the K Hall.

    Of course they would not stand up for the National Anthem, and never let slip a preference for any political party, let alone vote.

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