Are these things still frowned upon/banned?.

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  • unclebruce

    Throwing confetti at weddings is evil for some reason.

    Wind chimes are evil.

    The clinking of glass in a toast is evil because it originated to scare off evil spirits, but it's okay to burn a mattress you bought at a yard sale in order to destroy evil spirits. Yes, makes sense.

    Hi Quillsky,

    throwing confettii is an ancient fertility rite

    (besides its pagan origin, we can't have good dub girls desiring a tribe of kids when there is so much preaching concentrate on).

    Yes windchimes are defartnartly evil .. well annoying anyway.

    And clinking glasses? Call me a cynic but I'm suspicous that the WTBTS has 6 million people going to bed each night scared witless

    about demons but offers no means for one to protect or defend oneself (apart from submission to Watchtower will through prayer).


    ps: It's funny how the Watchtower Society has no problem with things like baptism, passover and marriage itself having pagan origins.

  • Bonnie_Clyde

    We have to say "Information Board", not "Bulletin Board" at the Kingdom Hall, something to do with papal bulls.

  • JWoods

    Don't forget that it is relatively OK to say "fortunate" but wrong to say "lucky". (I never could see much difference between the two as a dub)

    It is improper to call a person a "human being"...or at least used to be. (Only YHWH is a being)

  • bulgogiboy

    Someone mentioned beards. Our KH wasnt too bad about beards, we had at least a couple of MS' who had beards, although I still heard that generally beards were frowned upon over in the US. I got the feeling beards were 'tolerated' in our KH.

    I could never understand why there would be anything evil associated with beards when basically all the 'great' men of the Bible from Abraham onwards, all the way up to the Messiah and beyond were fully bearded. Even the very rare illustrations of Jehovah in WT books like revelation showed him as having a beard!

  • ziddina

    LeeC: "I stopped saying "bless you" to sneezing people long before I ever got involved with a JW. It's based on a stupid belief no one believes anymore (I hope), and it's another form of fake politeness. I work in a tech field where many of my colleagues are from Asia ... and none of them say nor repond to "bless you."

    Bulgogiboy: "I feel exactly the same about saying '(God)bless you' as you do, its an unnecessary practice which comes from a silly medieval superstition..."

    When people sneeze around me, usually my first response is, "Do you need a Kleenix™???"


  • ziddina

    Teel: "On the topic of "bless you" I wrote my thoughts a couple of times on the forums, because it just pisses me off. In my language we say "be in good health", that is not based on any belief and it's a sensible thing to say...."

    OOOOOOOO!!! Now, that is a GREAT response!!! May I borrow that??? Zid

  • ziddina

    Luo Bou To: "Is it OK for me to pray while having a crap or is that a conscience matter?"

    Depends on how constipated you are....

    Zid (BTW, Luo Bou To, i was ROFL when I read your comments!!!)

  • ziddina

    BulgogiBoy: "I could never understand why there would be anything evil associated with beards when basically all the 'great' men of the Bible from Abraham onwards, all the way up to the Messiah and beyond were fully bearded..."

    This is an amazing example of a sanctimonious bunch of tight-assed nitwits bending over so far to avoid any semblance of "pagan" that they come full circle again... To extreme idiocy...

    The PAGAN Romans were adamantly opposed to beards - but not due to any 'religious' aspect of facial hair... Roman soldiers were FORBIDDEN to wear beards because a beard gave their enemies something to grasp while attempting a killing blow to the head or neck... Or chest.... Or guts... You get the picture...

    So the WTBTS follows ancient PAGAN [Goddess, I love using that word when applying it to the WTBTS!] Roman military procedures when laying down edicts for the R&F JWs to follow...

    Oh, the irony and hypocrisy... Gotta LOVE IT!!! Zid

  • ziddina

    Rats! I killed another thread... (slinks off in utter humiliation and discouragement...)

  • Quillsky

    It's okay zid, don't feel bad. Will you feel better if I do it instead of you?

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