Has the WTS removed the 'offending' publications? Or just retired them due to time?

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I seem to recall the earlier versions of Watchtower CD-ROM containing books from the 50's and 60's [Life Everlasting in the Freedom of the Son's of God - Babylon the Great has fallen - etc]. I have no CD predating 2001 now in my possession - and looked at that one today doing research, finding that virtually nothing pre-1970 is there [except the revised/altered 'Truth' book].

    Is my memory faulty on this? Could it be that they just 'retired' the older pubs innocently? [I don't believe this - but it is possible]

    Thoughts? Comments? Anyone have a pre-2001 version - or is it available somewhere you know of online?


  • teel

    I have an 1999 CD image at home on my PC, and yes, that one had literature from the 50's onward.

    The reason for taking them out could not have been because of space, text is compressed with very good efficiency, up to 20% of original size. Uncompressed you can fit about 150 Bibles on a CD, compressed that's about 600, or at least about 3000 normal size books. That's more than enough space to store all the literature from the 50's until present.

  • Farkel


    I have the 1995 CD and those books are there, as are Watchtowers back to 1950. Some of the most embarrassing information is found in the 1950's Watchtowers.


  • nicolaou

    Fark' could you zip that CD or burn an .iso file? Thinking as I go, would it even run on Vista or W7?


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Yea - would love to find a dl copy of the older one. I might have it somewhere I suppose in all this cyber-mess.


  • OnTheWayOut

    I haven't looked at the newest couple of versions of their CD-ROM, but the ones I used always had the Watchtower Magazine going back to 1950 and the Awake only going back to 1970 with most books only going back into the 1970's.

    It seems very deliberate. Their main journal goes back a bit further to allow the members to do research that allows them to think most doctrines go "way back" but their most damaging materials such as the Awake from 1969(?) that tells people they will never finish college and work in their field of study or Freddy Franz books that establish 1975 are unavailable in the CD-ROM.

    I wouldn't be surprised if future CD-ROM's cut back some more and I would further be unsurprised if future versions require removal of the older versions.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    My current blog entries are leading up to indepth look at the 1975 mess. The CD Rom would be easy, but I have plenty of other sources.

    Yes, I suppose it is deliberate for sure. I wonder if the paper indexes are edited versions too now?


  • OnTheWayOut

    I wonder if the paper indexes are edited versions too now?

    I never gave them much thought as the search on the computer was available when I "woke up." Still, I am certain that there is a sanitized version of the indexes in print. They probably don't lead to anything controversial.

  • jabberwock

    In order to confirm and add to what OTWO said, here are some of the contents of the latest edition (2009) of Watchtower Library:

    Watchtower (1950-2009)

    Awake! (1970-2009)

    The earliest published book is Listening to the Great Teacher (1971), but the earliest publication on the CD is either of the two booklets Look! I Am Making All Things New and Saving the Human Raceā€”In the Kingdom Way, both were published in 1970.

    The 1994 Index is said to cover from 1930 to 1985.

    There is an entire section for the various Kingdom News publications, which I've hear referred to sometimes as booklets and other times as a tracts. The earliest is Kingdom News No. 16 Is Time Running Out for Mankind? (1973).

  • onceawitness

    Is "Comentary on the Book of James" on any of those CD's? The Borg stopped printing it when it was discovered there were some 'poztate ideas put forth.

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