Why Are They Called Privileges?

by Quillsky 26 Replies latest jw friends

  • jacquicortez

    miseryloveselders.....did you go to my congregation? I love it! i love being able to look back on it and laugh till i cry and i think wow!

    how come i didnt see how stupid it all was. You're right these young ones now are like screw that...

  • poppers

    The kids Tom Sawyer suckered into painting that fence thought that was a privilege.

  • Quillsky
    In fact single sisters( in my cong.) would always act all giddy and frantic if they had some type of interaction with brothers especially if they got some type of instructions... i think it gave them a glimpse of being married.


  • dobbie

    I remember once when i had a judicial and they decided i was sorry enough not to be kicked out (shame) they said they were going to take away my 'priveleges' - no answering at meetings or getting on the platform at minsistry school - now that was my idea of heaven. I felt like i'd been rewarded for being bad not punished lol.

  • Robert7

    Dobbie, I was in a similar situation. Not a JC, but due to lack of service time, I couldn't pray at any meeting, read a book study, and I got no other priviledges. So I had nothing! It was great! It made my fade SO much easier!

  • dobbie

    wow i didn't know Borat was a jw!Imagine him in a kingdom hall! lol Yeh my fade lasted for years though, would have been much easier for everyone if they'd just kicked me out in the first place!

  • MrMonroe

    The goofy brothers doing announcements at my old congo loved to call it a "fine privilege" when they named the book study group assigned to clean the hall on Saturdays. The meaning was clear that it was God's house and we were somehow performing a sacred work by squirting Windex on perfectly clean windows, wiping non-existent dust off window sills and flat areas and vacuuming pristine carpets until enough time had passed. Why then did our hearts all sink when we discovered it was OUR turn for the fine privilege?

    I especially enjoyed the privilege of joining the cleaning team at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne for the district conventions, where we busied ourselves squirting windex on handrails and door handles and wiping them clean twice a day. It's a wonder they didn't ask us to polish the urinals as well. Half, no 99 per cent, of the exercise was to show visitors how clean and pure we were and therefore how clean and pure the New World would be when it was in the hands of the Worldwide Confederation of Elders.

    One pompous prat in my congregation prepared a detailed roster of who would handle mics in what part of the hall and what days. It wasn't unusual for him to collar you as you walked in and tell you where to sit to handle a certain mic. My wife suffered a health problem a few years ago and was having to run to the toilet for the next week or two, but we faithfully went to the meeting the following Sunday with the intention of sitting in the back row so she could exit discreetly if she needed to go. Brother Pompous strutted up to me and barked, "Front row, left!" I was already stressed and said to him, "No, we'll be sitting in the back today." He snarled, "Thank you for your co-operation, brother!" and started to turn away. I whirled around and told him I didn't appreciate smart-arses and he should keep his sarcasm to himself. He gave me a wide berth after that.

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