Why Are They Called Privileges?

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  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    in this case privileges is what you would call a euphemism.

  • miseryloveselders

    Its funny watching the younger males nowadays though. Most of them have no intention of ever "reaching out for privileges." I envy them too. They're smarter than a lot of us were when we were that age.

    Outlaw, your assessment of how they give a brother privileges is dead on. They sucker you into that nonsense. You get baptized and your riding a wave of encouragement, and love (if you want to call it that.) Then they ask you to run a microphone. You think you're doing something so special. They use words like "appreciate" to sucker into your next "'privilege". You end up handling magazines or literature. Or the accounts, the dreaded accounts. Oh those accounts. Did I mention the accounts? Or the territories.

    Some halls need some poor shmuck to have the literature delivered to his personal home. So now he has be in expectation of UPS boxes of literature, and be responsible for the delivery of them to the hall. Depending on the size of the congregation, that has the potential to be a pain. A hall with 140 publishers, w/several pioneers. Your looking at 4-5, maybe more, eighty pound boxes that you'll be carrying to your car from your home. Then carry from your car to the front of the hall. Other idiots watch as you struggle to open one of the doors while you hoist one box over your shoulder, and while grunting carry it past the lobby door which may or may not be open. Then you finally get it to the counter. You drop it off at the counter. This routine continues until the third box, finally one of the resident idiots in the hall figures out, that you just might need a hand. So they get the last box for you. But wait, you’re not done yet. The resident wanna-be-special-elder, who has to be different from everybody else, demands that you put the boxes "behind" the counter and in one of the cabinet doors closest to the floor. His reasoning? He doesn’t want any of "the friends" to notice the literature before its time to put it out. Cuz they just can't help themselves when they see boxes. Like Meth in a rural area.

    The privilege of doing the sound is just as bad. Brothers don't show up. So you might be handeling the sound, at the same time running the microphone in the aisle closest to the stereo. You've told the brother on the other side numerous times not to stand under any of the vents because they generate feedback. He apologizes and does it five minutes later. But when that terrible high pitched screeching noise goes off, the entire audience and conductor look at you as if you’re the problem. Then the brother on the other side, forgets that he turned off the mic, and hes looking at you all retarded because the elderly sister is making the same retarded comment she gave last week, and nobody can hear her. Which is actually a good thing. But she's old, and cute. So now you’re the bad guy, because nobody can hear what Phyllis just said. So you motion him, to turn on the microphone. He flips the switch, and the worst feedback happens, and everybody turns back to you because you’re the problem. All due to you being the man behind the box. After the meeting, they ask if you'd be interested in doing the accounts because they appreciate all the hard work you do.

    Screw their privileges. I tip my hat off to the “can’t be bothered generation”.

  • VoidEater

    Somebody read Orwell. Classic "doublespeak."

  • leec

    from http://www.cftf.com/dictionary :

    " kingdom privilege slang A sarcastic description of Kingdom Hall cleaning or some other undesirable assignment. Resem blance to the military’s “ k.p .” is both intentional and appropriate­."

  • SnakesInTheTower

    same thing as military and becoming a salaried manager. My fiancee has the title at work of "associate trainer". I am not sure what the hell that means. I noticed there are a bunch of them around..they hand that title out like candy. She is hourly so its not extra hours for same pay. It means she gets blamed more than just the average "associate" (newbie hire). Then there are "shift managers". I think they too are hourly. Difference is that the store (general) manager keeps them on a leash (cell phone) and makes them go to other stores to pick up supplies, makes them work close (until 11pm) and then come back in at 5am or sooner to open the restaraunt. Then there are the assistant managers....salaried...salary = slavery. Only the GM (store manager) can pick their own hours.

    back to Kingdom Hall crap......when I was a wannabe MS...then wannabe elder...yep...you just couldnt wait for the next privilege on the corporate theocratic ladder. I once gave a SM part all about that ladder...complete with actual ladders....lol.

    During MTS...I got wise to that sh*t...... only took me another 4.5 years to quit being an elder..... and dumping all of my privileges....

    .....and I had to do a lot of that literature crap.... in fact, I ran the whole damn depot for about 150 congregations......what a PRIVILEGE!!! .

    Forget 40 pound boxes...how about 14 one ton pallets... of bound volumes and year books.....oh...but what a privilege to use the cantakerous forklift (that ran so sucky that given the wrong combination of lift and acceleration caused it to stall and/or flood).... to load literature off the truck...then break it down...and sort it...for hours..sometimes by myself.... then come back a week later on Saturday and help load it into the brothers cars..... and wonder why they bring a f***ing 2 door (non service approved) hatchback to load 20 boxes into...and then complain that their car is dragging out the ramp as they leave....and their pioneer sister GF/wife has to sit on top of a literature box and another between her feet...... because he drug her along to show what a great he-man Theocratic giant he was because he had privileges.....

    What a privilege to drive 90 miles each way to some out of the way congregation (though once I drove 5 hours) with 20 publishers desperately hanging on to their little hovel of a KH to give a talk...only to be either not taken out at all or taken to the one hole in the wall diner with sh*tty food and sludge coffee for lunch.. (the worst though was the wealthy congregation that didnt take me out at all for lunch...just gave me $20 to take myself out...despite the fact that the "friends" raved about how great the talk was ......I declined both the money and the invite to come back 6 months later).

    What a privilege to clean toilets at the arena/convention center/school in pre-con work..where the facility managers knew suckers when they seen the JWs coming...knowing that it was spring summer cleaning time for them and their maintenance guys could take the weekend off....lol. Especially the time that the day before they had a monster truck show... or a cattle show...or some other dust/dirt creating show that coated the entire 10-20,000 seats with dirt.....mmmmmmm.... what a PRIVILEGE.


    Snakes (Rich ...of the "no more 'privileges'" Sheep Class)

  • JerkhovahsWitless

    I remember my great privileges after being freshly baptized.

    1) Mic handling

    2) Standing outside in the summer heat directing traffic

    3) Cleaning pubes off of the urinals.

    I was truly blessed and special.

  • crapola

    They are called privileges to mask the reality of it being the lowest jobs on the totem pole.

  • Finally-Free

    Because it's all they have. They're not allowed to have "worldly" friends, and being "used" in the congregation is essential to having any social standing among the JWs.


  • hoser

    It's something to put the pressure on the witnesses. The higher up privileges pioneering servant body

    they can control to a certain extent by threatening to take away your "privileges"

    unless you don't care then they can't control you at all

  • jacquicortez

    oh no! you just brought back a memory

    i was at the assembly and i was with some friends who decided to sign up to volunteer. I went along so i could get up and not have to be

    in my seat falling asleep. So we got toilet paper duty. we had to put rolls of tissue in all the bathrooms. my friends acted as if someone gave them a gold ticket they were so frantic and happy and pleased. I thought something was wrong with me. I didnt mind putting tissue in the bathroom but i just didnt see why it was such a big deal. sisters rarely get to do anything besides fieldservice and kingdom hall cleaning....so they were so thrilled that the brothers were giving them instructions on how to put the toilet paper in the bathroom. In the back of my mind I knew it was stupid but being a dub i just smiled like the rest. In fact single sisters( in my cong.) would always act all giddy and frantic if they had some type of interaction with brothers especially if they got some type of instructions... i think it gave them a glimpse of being married.

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