Progressive Insurance Woman

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  • WTWizard

    I agree that Matthew Lesko is the most annoying character I have run into on TV. It's one thing to advertise free money. However, yelling about it, and carrying on as if he was throwing a tantrum is not going to win my business--besides, I have seen more consistent negative reviews with almost no very positive ones on his crap. Most of the money is something you wouldn't even qualify for, after all that ranting and raving about wasting your money on his book.

    I would buy Kevin Trudeau's book on government money before Matthew Lesko's, if only because Trudeau is much more professional in his commercials, and actually details the actual problem instead of giving you a headache.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I rather like those commercials. I think she's kind of hot, in a quirky, unconventional way.

  • MsDucky

    Beks, I didn't watch 24 because it came on at the same time as some other show that I watched. I can't remember what show that I was watching. Now, I that I know that Dennis Haysbert was in it, I kind of wished that I had of watch it! I did see him, recently, in a movie called "Love Field" starring Michelle Pfeifer. Now, that was an interesting movie.

  • Jim_TX

    The actor in the All State commercials also played David Palmer - Pres of the U.S. in a season of 24. He also played in a series called The Unit. His name is Dennis Haysbert.

    I think that it is really neat how some actors will get commercials - between acting gigs. I think that it shows that they are 'quick on their feet', and not just sitting at home waiting for their next acting job. There is one fella on TV - that I've seen on one series, and he then started appearing on commercials when he heard that the series was cancelled. He is now in several commercials - and is also in a new series.

    The gal that plays Flo - she is kinda hot... but I think that she reminds me of some of the stereotypical images of women... perhaps from the 50's or early 60s. Kinda difficult to verbalize that. Perhaps it's the bright red lipstick - perfectly applied - or the costume she wears in the commercials.

    But yes. She talks, and it's like... please don't speak.



    Jim TX

  • zions watchman
    zions watchman

    she is soooooo hot. please give me a shot

  • beksbks

    Heheee, my son dressed as Lesko for Halloween a couple of years ago. So cute.

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