Progressive Insurance Woman

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  • RubaDub

    Can't think of her name right now (she's a comedienne), but I think I have had about enough with the Progressive Insurance Ads. They seem to be everywhere, all the time.

    I guess there is a ton of money to be made when every other commercial on TV seems to be an insurance company hawking its products (Progressive, Geico, etc, etc, etc).

    Rub a Dub

  • VIII

    Very annoying.

    Even more annoying: Those ads for the company that sells security for your ID. I've blocked the name, I hate it so much. The company owner used to put his own s/s number out there until someone stole it and used it to open a credit card number to show his company wasn't that great. And, they were sued recently. I HATE those commercials. I turn off the TV.

    I've started listening to my iPod now. 80's and 90's music is preferable.

  • QuestioningEverything

    I completely agree. I'm sick of her and their commercials. It's time for a new ad.

  • WTWizard

    I guess they have enough money from gouging people that "speed" (and I am here defining speeding as breaking an artificially low speed limit, not as doing a speed that is not reasonable and prudent). The ticket is the last thing you worry about--you get gouged for $800 and up during the 3-year period it remains on your record per speeding ticket. The insurance companies fight to keep speed limits artificially low (and frequently have traps--you are doing 45 on a 45 MPH zone with a 45 sign, where there is a 35 sign inconspicuously posted a few meters beyond the 45 sign. Invariably there will be a cop waiting to write a ticket. A few meters later, it goes back to 45--the drop is without good reason.

    If they would have sensible (or no) speed limits, this scam would be cut off. The insurance companies would lose their $800 per speeding ticket if the speed limits were posted at 85 or 90 instead of 55 or 60 (when it is safe to actually do 85 or 90), or posted 55 instead of 35 or 40 in suburban feeder highways where it is safe to do 60. And, if they would remove the truly dangerous drivers (the aggressive driver, those whose passing skills leave a lot to be desired, and the obviously drunk drivers), we could have even fewer accidents.

    Fewer accidents, plus deregulation of insurance, leads to lower insurance premiums. Competition drives down costs, while the bad insurers (those that deny every claim or find flimsy excuses to jack up premiums or cancel their policies) get bad Internet publicity. By the time this settles, that Progressive insurance woman that always seems to live for insurance will have to find another job. And, we can actually have ads on TV for products that people actually like to use--like that amusement park trip.


  • VIII

    WTW, I agree. Competely.

    Not to derail this thread, but, I have tried to look this info up and verify this and can't: I have got pulled over twice in the last few months for speeding. The officers were coming from a different direction and guestimated that I was speeding. I was going to a store, saw them as they saw me, down shifted and turned into the parking lot of said store. I found a parking spot and started to get out of my car. The officer, with flashing lights was behind me immediately.

    Which meant, both times, they came speeding through a packed parking lot to get me. They demanded my insurance and license and looked my info up, they told me I was going "53 in a 40 MPH zone". I expressed shock. (I was going 65 when I down shifted, having just passed someone-three lanes, plus turning lane, very light traffic at 9 AM on Saturday, I hit the gas a little too hard. :-) ).

    Neither time was I ticketed. I was told to be more careful. Sternly. Angerily.

    A co-worker told me that it was because I had turned onto private property. HUH?!

    Could it be this simple? Do I only have to turn into a driveway or a store to not receive a ticket next time?

  • undercover

    I'd like to see a cage fight between the Progressive chick and the Geico gecko...

    ...and since the gecko is small, he can tag team with the caveman.

  • Sam Whiskey
    Sam Whiskey


    Are you kidding me? Insurance is legalized theft. Huuuuuuge profits.

  • zoiks

    I think she's kinda cute

    But then, I don't have television so I'm not inundated with advertisements every 5 minutes.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I switched to geiko from progressive two weeks ago and saved 40% on my car insurance. No really, I did.

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    Her name tag saya FLO

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