Cost of regular pioneering?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    Dry cleaning expenses this week: $32

    Gasoline expenses this week: $67

    Sacrifice of mind, body, and soul: Priceless

    For some things there's Visa card and for other things there is Watchtower.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    LOL @ OTWO!: "For some things there's Visa card and for other things there is Watchtower."

    Too bad "V" has been incommunicado for so long. I'd LOVE to see him make a fake Visa commercial for


  • out4good3

    My wife is fortunate that she doesn't have to work. But, at the same time I'm working to provide the means of her being able to live the way she does and planning for our future retirement goals, she's, by the usual JW snide passive implications and attitudes, poo pooing my efforts in improving and strengthening my career options.

    She's gone about for the past year leaving a form laying around that looks like an application to be accepted as an auxiliary pioneer.

    While I have let her know that I am willing to support her weekly meeting attendance, a few assemblies, and some sporadic service activity, activity I already think takes in an inordinate amount of time and resources without returning any real tangible benefit, I've let it be known that I am not interested in being tied down and the money man for the more highly regimented activity as we both see demonstrated by one of our relatives. This "relative" is slowly destryong their household and marriage by being gone 6 days a week in WT related activities.

    I'm not going to stand for that Shiznit.

    If she wants to auxiliary or regular pioneer, and forces the issue, it, for me, is going to spell the end of our marriage because I'm not busting my ass uneccessarily to support her and by proxie, give a tenth or more of my income to those greedy bastards in Brooklyn.

    If she wants to do that, she's going to have to do it married to someone else and\or supporting it herself.

    That is not the direction I want my life to go in.

  • LoisLane looking for Superman
    LoisLane looking for Superman

    How dare the Higher Ups Promote Pioneering.

    Worldwide Donations allow Popes/Governing Body Members to live for free. Free transportation, chauffered cars. Air travel, economy to first class.

    Zone Overseers and wives, live for free. Four door car provided. Air travel provided.

    District Overseers and wives, live for free. Four door car provided.

    Circuit Overseers and wives, live for free. Four door car provided.

    Missionaries, men and women, live for free. Have a car or motorbike, if someone buys it for them. Within the past 10 years a sister in Myamar (Burma) fell off the back of a crowded local trolley bus and died. As a missionary she couldn't afford to ride in anything better.

    Bethelites, live for free. They are expected to be active participants at their assigned KHalls, no matter how far away, and expected to pay for their transportation getting there and back. They cannot afford vacations, unless someone pays for it.

    Local publishers in cold weather areas have added expense of Winter "preaching" clothes and burn up a lot of gas, they have to pay for.

    Since the JW Elite don't pay for anything but get all the perks, they do not have the right to tell any of us how to live our lives. They are leeches.

    Just Lois

  • hoser

    They are leeches.

    well said LoisLane

  • frankiespeakin

    I see the term regular pioneering as a marketing scam of the WT Corporation. Many are guilted into giving up precious time to peddle thier product with no reimbersements for gas or anything, what a deal for the WT corporation that is. They have cornered the market in guilt and that's why many pioneer, they don't want to be blood guilty, as they are already good for nothing slaves, according to WT interpetations of the Bible.

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