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  • spawn

    We used to call those under a certain age "Single Slappers!" or the "Cleavage Club". You would see the poor single brother being cornered by said group and he would have a triumphant look on his face for a while then he would look like a rabbit in headlights. looking for someone to rescue him, the worst of all these sisters are the mothers who encouage them to get there man. Then they get offended if anything was ever said to them about it

  • JeffT

    As I was coming into the organization (at 22 and a college graduate) I had a seventeen year old high school dropout practically stalking me. I wasn't even baptized when she decided I was the one. Her game plan was to get married and pioneer. Frankly she frightened me, I made sure I was never alone with her. At one point she told another sister in the hall that we were going to be engaged soon. Eventually I started hanging out with my (now) wife and she moved, I think in search of more men. She was pregnant and DF'd a year later.

    To me, this illustrates a sad fact of JW life. The ones this age have no opportunity for normal interaction with each other, so they have to get married. They have no chance to develop anything like appropriate social skills, nor do they learn how to set their own boundries, or even what sort of person they want to spend time with.

    It is a recipe for an unhappy life.

  • sacdfan

    This is probably why so many JW marriages fail - for a so-called Christian group, the failure rate is pretty horrendous. But then, people are extremely limited - they have to find a partner in their local kingdon hall or perhaps further afield at a nearby hall - but basically they have to choose another JW. In the world, you can choose anybody you like - you have the whole world to choose from.

    I feel so sorry for so many JW women - women outnumber men in many congregations. So many times I have seen them forced to choose from the dregs of society - abysmal men who wouldn't get a decent woman to look at them outside the confines of their congregation - but in the hall, with so many desparate sisters to choose from, they can afford to be picky. Personally I'd rather stay single than touch any of the guys in my kingdom hall - they're pretty appalling! But being married, I suppose I'm out of the picture!

  • garyneal

    I think if I had found the Jehovah's Witness religion back when I was looking for religion in the early 1990's I would've loved this aspect of it since I was also single and had never had anything of a girlfriend at the time. Of course, I would not have lasted long in this religion given all of its legalistic rules that tend to contradict one another. If I had gotten married to a sister and later apostatized from the religion, my life would've been turmoil unless she too was getting fed up with the religion.

    Not being in the religion allowed me to develop my critical thinking skills which protected me from being indoctrinated into the bOrg inspite of the exposure to WT teachings over the past 6 years.

  • Magwitch

    It is not the sister's fault if they are desperate. Most of them are raised in the organization. They are not encouraged to excel in school - only to look to the future as a pioneer. They are usually only skilled in home ec and bible verses. They graduate (hopefully) from HS only to realize they have no way to support themselves - so they are forced to live at home until they can find a husband. They are trapped. By the time they are 19 or so they desperately want to be out of their parents constant supervision. There is only one way out - Marriage - and usually it does not matter to whom. This is a very sad scenereo seen over and over again.

    Proner: So how is this any different from what happens outside of the org?

    A 180 degree difference! We can date at our leasure and take our time to find a partner that is more than just a beating heart. Plus dating in the world is a very enjoyable experience (you do not need your little brother coming along to chaperone)

  • tinker

    every social culture has it's desperate single women. JW's are particularly frantic because the lifestyle is so narrow.

    I had 3 very good looking sons and believe me, I had to beat the women off with sticks. Not only the girls but the mothers of the girls. More than once I nearly had a hair pulling, knock down drag out fight with sisters over them setting husband traps for their daughters.

    One time a girls mother actually proposed a prearranged marriage as a 'protection' of our children. I am still in shock, AS IF! After a 2hr disscussion of why this was a BAD IDEA, she was still determinded to get my son. She is now his MIL very sad

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