What Cong you from???

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  • donny

    I was in the Farmers Branch (Texas) congregation most of the time when I was a Witness. I was also in the Northeast congregation in Albequerque during my 6 months there.


  • looloo

    one in yorkshire , england !

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life

    I'm not afraid to say. And it was a wonderful, healing moment when I finally got to that point.

    I was born-in to the Anderson, SC congregation. It is the one on Greenville Street.

    I also spent about 7 years in the Shelby, NC congregation.

    And I finished up my JW days at the Commonwealth Avenue congregation in Charlotte, NC.

    I've been gone a long time.

  • dobbie

    I was only ever in one congregation and that was one too many, in the south west. Big yearly convention was at Plymouth stadium.

  • breathing

    i wouldnt say publicly, wish i could but its just how it is at the moment, but am interested in where people are from in case we close enough for a meetup,

    im from the east midlands in the uk, thats as close as i can go really,

    have elderly family in that were in it from birth, and just are under its spell, i see them as victims of it and dont want to rock their boat too much when they dont have many years left, I wont get dissed for that reason. i play it safe but live my own life, when they be gone it will be a diff story,


  • YoungAmerican

    i perfer not to say just because I am not disfellowshipped, I just faded 12 years ago successfully and am not even visable on their radar and I don't want that to change but I will say San Diego County.

  • Humanist

    A few in South Wales

  • asilentone

    YoungAmerican, SirNose is in San Diego. He has nothing to lose.

  • Michelle365

    Cape Coral, Florida

  • wobble

    The garden of England ,Kent. ( Walked away from the Congo. March 25th or 26th 2008. )

    Mind you the garden is full of trash,, most of it mine !



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