Conventions/Assemblies in England

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  • nelly136

    Albert Broad used to jump out from the bushes on pub goers returning to the camp at camber, my dad who was pretty mild and didnt moan about anyone as a rule was less than impressed to find the gates being policed by a wc fields nose lookeelikee on patrol. he said you didnt get a face like that from soft drinks.

    when i was little i used to be stalked by an instamatic wielding weirdo who would spent the entire weekend following me around every assembly, years later after i'd left i heard he'd been done for flashing (not his camera) at the local common.

    when i was older i spent most of the day volunteering, either laying tables with the gull wing serviettes or sandwhich making in the old stage room downstairs, and making banana boats during intervals

    i used to cook free for all full english breakfasts on the two ring and hot plate cooker in my friends chalet for whoever turned up,

    and the pub crawl would usually start at the quayside and end up at the mermaid.

  • hotspur

    I remember most of these... I must've been rebellious! Avoided Hayesbridge though.... too many boat journeys in one year. (Originate from the I of W)

    Bomb scare at Southampton? I remember coming out of the Dell sitting on some grass thinking I should go up the road and watch Hampshire playing cricket. THat is ONE vivid memory for me.

    Assemblies on the Isle of Wight... we all thought that would be great, we'll show those 'overners' (name given to Mainlanders) that we can do it, we don't need any foreigner's help! That one act created a whole new breed of Nazi elders! Independent, power hungry egotists living on/within an isolated community. I'm convinced many 'mainland' elders came to escape their troubles and create some new ones on the Island.

    Plymouth - we used that as a holiday too - got into trouble over that one. Never stopped me though. Missed the Air Display, must've gone to Norwich - LoL

    Twickneham airshow was a great spectacular if you like commercial aircraft..... at least one every 70 seconds.

    So glad I worked on the sound .... relieved all the enevitable boredom. Must've worked with cantleave.... bet you were introduced to it by Jim Burgess?

    Ah memories ... guess it wasn't all bad - once you remove the Pharasaical doctrine.

  • cantleave

    Bomb scare at Southampton?

    Yeah I remember that

    Do you remember the Male streaker?

  • cantleave

    Hotspur do you know Bob Emmett?

  • hotspur

    I think I went somewhere else when the streaker incident occurred. I remember others talking about it.

    Do I remember Bob Emmett .....? "twas on the Monday morning the gas man came to call" - he sang in his best Bernard Cribbins' voice.

    You'll have a PM in 5 mins!

  • cantleave

    Yeah and his mate Steve Thornton BG super stars.

  • highdose

    Cystal Place: i can remember people passing out due to the extreme heat, they always always booked the hottest weekend of the year! Sweat would be pouring off us! And then some A$$ hole of a GB member or some such would give his specail talk and say " isn't it great that we've been blessed with such wonderfull weather brothers and sisters?!"... cue duetifull clapping(!)

    Haysbridge: oh yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Where i was baptised no less. Haysbridge was where i experianced being the lonelyest i have ever been. All the while i was surrounded by my "loving brothers and sisters" who didn't have the time of day for a single parent family and all stuck together. I remember once mentioning this to an elder and he suggested i volunter for the cleaning dep!

    I remember that the large corridors all around the main assembly room were always full of dubs on the flimest exhuse to get out. It has now been refurbished of course... Gone is the 80's dark pine and blood red scheme. Now they have light beach wood and light blue instead, complete with a arena style TV above the speakers head with a close up of the speaker filmed on it. SO theres now no exhuse at all for not paying attention there. They also have a marble floor in the corridors and enterance ways, which makes things really fun when it rains!!!!

    interestingly enough, Haysbridge always had a massive problem with lack of parking. So many of the dubs refusing to spend a coach jorney in eachothers company!

    If you didn't fill all the seats in your car you got a big ticking off at the gate as you pulled up. They particulay liked to pick on the said car if a lowly sister was driving. I know of tons of sisters in single parent familys or divided familys who struggled to get their kids to the assembly... only to get there and be told off by the self righteous brother at the gate!

    The reason Haysbridge is not allowed to expand its parking is because for years when they first opened the brothers would drive along the little counrty roads to get there and beep their car horns at each other ( freindly christian encouragement don't ya know). This would start in the early hours and continue untill after 10am and then begin again when they all went home. This would happen every weekend pretty much as Haysbridge services curcits from all over the south of the UK. Needless to say it drove the local neighbours crazy! So much so that when the JW's appiled to extend the car park there was up roar in the local comunnity and it was stopped in its tracks.

  • LittleSister

    Remember Twickers as a kid and getting the first My Book of Bible Stories (boy is that an awful book for kids). I was sick on the way and we had to walk miles.

    Dorking yes that too I lost my silver ring in the pool.

    Southampton bomb scare and streaker plus the crazy guy who used to picket outside the grounds.

  • cantleave

    the crazy guy who used to picket outside the grounds

    Careful - he could be om here don't you know - he's one of us now!

  • LittleSister

    True, but I still think it was a crazy thing to do and not that effective.

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