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  • TanCatLuvr

    Thank you for all the warm actually surprised me!

    I have to say that I have no place in my heart for GOD and that prayer is impossible. I have felt guilty about that for so many years. I see that many of you have drawn closer to God through other religions. But I have not seen anything from people who have a totally different belief, such as Buddhism.

    I feel that I may not be welcome here if I have other ideas (that are not based in Christianity). One of the biggest issues/questions that tormented me since childhood is the teaching of not have a soul. Is that teaching still a big no-no with ex-JWs?

    I appreciate any and all comments...

  • Emma

    You'll find many not in any religion, or with entirely different beliefs. Some are athiest, others agnostic, some born-again, etc. All are welcome here!

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