Would YOU Stop Wearing Cologne Or Perfume At A KH If Someone Had Allergies?

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  • blondie

    This problem is not confined to jws. Where I work has rules governing this and people have real problems. I work on the department health and safety committee and have seen this in action many times. Not a jw amongst them.

  • winstonchurchill

    Hell, NO!

    I have my own allergies. Sometimes a sister sitting in front of me stinks 'Pantene'. If my allergies are on, I might have to change seats or just go stand in the back for a while. She has the right to wash her hair . Are we banning shampoo, conditioner, deodorant and baby lotion? Some time ago a friend's daughter's allergies were triggered by the make up of a sister who gave her a kiss. Are we baning make up?

    I'm all for being considered, but we have become to politically correct. We have to watch out for every detail not to offend others and step on their rights. At this pace we will have to stop doing absolutely everything. How do alergic people (me being one) do when they go to a mall, or to see a movie, or ride the subway? Are we banning perfume for good?

    It infuriates me every year when the "Ministry" rolls out the list of rules and 'suggestions' for District Assembly, including "Do not wear perfume". Well, that is not their damn business.

    You are allergic? Well, deal with it! I have a word for you (and for me): Zyrtec.

  • miseryloveselders

    Where I work, a woman in another department from mines, yet on the same floor, has a Cinnamon allergy. Our floor has been officially declared a No-Cinnamon zone. I thought it was all a joke at first, until she actually swelled up just from the smell of someone's Instant Oatmeal. It's just cinnamon, and thats not something you eat every day so, no biggie. I love cinnamon pop tarts though, so after i get done toasting a pair, I open one of my desk drawers, and break pieces off to keep the smell down. I sit far enough away from her, where its not an issue.

  • chickpea

    hell yes! hold a pre-schooler struggling for breath
    after someone makes the brilliant remark that they
    "arent wearing perfume, that is just from my coat"
    and then tell me that perfume cannot induce
    respiratory distress in sensitized people

  • winstonchurchill

    Chikpea, I know about allergies, respiratory distress and Anaphylaxis. My 6 Year old doesn't go anywhere without his Epi-Pen.

    My point is problems must be resolved on a case by case basis, and not with general "across the board" rules.

    First because they step on onther people's rights. But mainly because they are no good!

    If you tell 200 people in a congregation "Do not wear perfume out of consideration for so and so who has severe allergies" that's fine. I would do it. But you cannot ban perfume because someone gets a runny nose because of someone's perfume/makeup/clothes/shampoo.

    All it will take is ONE visitor, ONE person who doesn't know and comes in stinking some cheap cologne, and there goes the rule. That's why I find very stupid the rule of not wearing perfume to assemblies. 5,000 people get together of which 2,000 are not JW or didn't read the Kingdom Ministry, and WILL use products that will trigger allergies. So we better take care of ourselves and our loved ones, and stop relying on other people's sense of consideration.

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