Would YOU Stop Wearing Cologne Or Perfume At A KH If Someone Had Allergies?

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  • yknot

    ooohhhh/ahhhhh Obsession........

    Good to see you posting Undercover........you have been missed!

  • sherah

    IA with Yknot. I'm not skipping my perfume for a known hypo or nutty, power hungry elderette/co wife. Usually the complainers fall into these catagories.

  • hamsterbait

    Try shaking hands at a Kingdumb Hell after eating peanuts.

    They have a nut allergy.

    They DIE.

    I would consider the livelihood of the person. This is not unreasonable.


  • undercover
    UNDERCOVER, where were you???

    Being a double naught spy and all, I can't divulge the whereabouts of my person, suffice it to say, I was off saving the free world once again... [queue up the James Bond theme]

    Thanks, Yknot...

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I stopped using cologne years ago when the first talk/article came out. It really wasn't important to me and I figured it was an easy thing I could do to make someone else's life a bit more bearable.

    Now though, you've really got me thinking. Should I START using it again just to add to the elder's load and make someone feel like there's just that little bit less Genuine Christian Love (tm) at the K Hall?

    Thoughts? Votes? Yay/Nay? What kind do the ladies like the best?

    Hope this isn't a de-rail minimus. Let me know if it is.


  • undercover

    Open mind - use Axe body spray. According to the TV commercials (which never lie) it's supposed to make you irresistable to all hot babes within your scent.

  • minimus

    OM, use a lot!

  • LongHairGal

    Although I am somewhat sympathetic, no, I would not totally stop but I would just have it on very SUBTLY because I know what it is like to be around somebody who is drenched with perfume. This is a dilemma for me because I like perfumes. There are some scents I cannot tolerate and I have returned several. I wear perfume in moderation.

    There are occasions where I will wear absolutely none: If I am going to a doctor's office I don't want any fragrance because I do not want to associate the scent with the experience of a doctor's visit (because scent is tied in with memory). Also, if I were visiting somebody in any hospital setting I would not spray anything on myself because there are people there who are seriously ill with immune issues and also because I do not want to associate the fragrance with the depressing place.

    As far as the hall and other large gatherings, it would be very subtle. I am also aware that perfumes have many chemicals in them and aren't even so healthy for the wearer.

    But, as far as the JWs go, this seems to be a trend that they are becoming dictatorial about this and many other things and some go around making nuisances about this.

  • Elsewhere

    I am very sensitive to cologne, perfume and hairspray.

    I become physically ill when I'm around any of those things and begin to experience stomach cramps, nausea and headache.

    If someone insists on wearing such things, I will stand near them until I puke on them.

    After that they tend to stop wearing such things.

  • restrangled

    I've found anyone having problems with perfume, scents, soap, etc, are generally hypochondriacs to begin with.

    It happens inside and outside the KH. I use to work at a place where there was one girl who couldn't tolerate anyone else's perfume, yet she wore the cheapest crap available and lit candles at her desk all day.

    Another girl decided she was allergic to her scent and a huge fight ensued.

    After that it was all over, everyone wore what ever scent they wanted.

    You don't have to bathe yourself in cologne or perfume. The pulse points are the best, wrists, behind your ears, and the hollow of your throat. If you wear a quality scent it will last all day with out needing to spray the hell out of yourself at every break.

    I wear Estee Lauder's Spell Bound, and I have been stopped while filling up a gas tank, in stores, in aisles, anywhere I go I am asked the following questions: From both men and women.

    "What are you wearing?": you smell delicious, what is your perfume: Can I ask you what perfume you are wearing?: You smell heavenly: Please tell me what you are wearing, it's heady! I get at least one or 2 comments/questions a day.


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