Borg cubes inbound!

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  • undercover
    She finds that I ought to stand up for what I believe in if I'm so sure about it, and that she will know if I just go along with the charade when I don't believe in it at all. It's a great irony, as she's supposed to be the one loyal to the organization, yet she tells me to stand up for what I believe in, even though it's clearly apostasy.

    She is under the delusion that the elders are there to help you. She thinks that by your being honest they'll be understanding.

    As long as you kiss their ass, they will be helpful. They'll help you go out in service, they'll help you to be included at the meetings, they'll even study with short, they'll help you obey the organization. But show any independance and you are absolutely correct...they'll question your loyalty to the bOrg and any answer to the negative will get you a quick kick out the door.

    I think it will be good for her to be present to see how this unfolds. As you stand up for what you believe and she witnesses the sheparding turn into an inquisition, maybe it will jolt her to see the ugly side that you've been trying to get her to see.

    One small piece of advice from someone who has been there...if you don't mind...even though you've done your research and you're equipped to go toe to toe with any elder on any subject, just stick to one or two subjects. Don't try to cover every scandal, every error, ever f'd up doctrine. Pick one or two that are most distressing to you and stick to it. But be prepared, the elder will probably try to deflect the argument time and again. Once cornered, they fight to get to any area where they feel comfortable and can fight back from. Don't let them do it. Stick to the subject that you want to discuss.

  • Michelle365

    I'm new here, but I'll be thinking of you as well SD-7. It is a hard decision to make. After a while, for me anyway, I realized that what I lost was nothing more than an illusion. The illusion of friends, family and a brotherhood. My cirlce of friends IS much smaller now, but they are true friends. Friends who love me for who I am NOT for the religion I chose. It is such a freeing feeling. Be true to yourself, do what you feel is right for YOU.

  • Aeiouy

    LMAO. I love that picture Mickey Mouse.

    Hope all goes well SD-7. I will read your followup with interest. Sending mental waves of support your way. (Whatever mental waves of support are.....)


  • Chalam

    Welcome Michelle365!

    Great post :)



  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Wow, bro. You're a brave soul. I avoid confrontation like the plague and WILL NOT have another shepherding call again EVER. If you remember to post what day the meeting will be, you're likely to have massive numbers of folks here praying for both you and your wife. Hey, I may even put a word in for the two elders and their families; they're victims, too, poor guys.

    BTW, Mickey Mouse that pic made me LoL! Awesome!

  • sd-7

    Undercover--smart man--duly noted. Deflection is of course, a normal tactic to expect. While I am prepared to deal with whatever, that doesn't mean I would pick battleground that would give them the advantage. They will want to maintain control, and of course, I can't allow that if I intend to make my point.

    Mickey mouse--LOL @ that HILARIOUS pic!

    Mad sweeney--also a good point. I do realize elders, like most everyone else--maybe even from top to bottom--are just victims of victims of victims of victims of Rutherford.

    The shepherding call will be on Fri./Sat.--not sure which. Should know more soon.

    I'm not interesting in creating problems for myself, per se. If they want to control the subject matter, well, so be it. I figure, they're going to assume I believe in this organization, since they have no evidence to prove otherwise that I know of. (There are two witnesses to verify my crime of 'questioning the organization', but none have come forward that I know of. Either that, or the elders at my old cong. are just that lazy.) That being said, following the program is probably easier on the brain than starting a fight. We'll see what happens.

    Odds are, it'll be like that monster/alien/whatever movie where you duck down under some shrapnel and the big monster looms past, looks around, and then clomps away thinking they lost your trail. If my wife lays the issues on the table, however, I'll just have to uh, rotate my shield/phaser harmonics, if you get my drift. Thanks for your support. For being part of this loveless world, you folks have been awfully friendly! ;)


  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Good plan. Shields first. Torpedos as a last resort.

    I gotta tell you that in my opinion you've already won, no matter what happens at this particular call.

  • Michelle365

    Thanks Chalam! I'm loving it here!

  • Married to the Mob
    Married to the Mob

    SD-7, it is sad that you have to go through this. As you mentioned in your post the main weapon the elders have is fear and intimidation.

    The elders don't want you to think or ask questions, the polar opposite of what many of the teachings Jesus promotes. The funny bit about this is that they apply the same techniques as they slam governments and other religious groups for applying!

    Having never been a JW I cannot imagine the anguish you are going through but I know how it feels to be threatened with the loss of family and loved ones because your view differs to that of another, and my thoughts are with you.

    You must do what is right for you, those you love and importantly your conscience. Sometimes the right choices take us down the hardest path.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Mickey Mouse......AWESOME pic!!! That is an ingenious design. WT bOrg cube.

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