What are the outrageous things did the elders do to you?

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  • asilentone

    This is a true story, more than 10 years ago, I went to the Memorial and there was a very hot bible student female. We met each other, she gave me her phone number. An elder saw that, he approached me and he asked me to give her telephone number to him, he took it with him, so I never called her.

  • Butterflyleia85

    ha funny. nope nothing to outrageous at my old hall (not attended for over a year now)... they just have been rude and embarassing before. Most of the time they are polite. Same ol Same ol... your world or opinion changes once your taken to the back room!!

  • rockmehardplace

    right before my baptism, two elders asked to make a shepherding call on me. i was young and single. they started out with the nice and warm fuzzy feeling things and then proceeded to question my motives for getting baptized. they felt that i was only getting baptized to marry a virgin witness girl and that once i got one, i would take off and leave the org.

  • spawn

    rockmehardplace: Wow you mean to tell me that you found a virgin, now that is rare!!

  • Butterflyleia85

    Spawn I hope your joking... ha there are tons virgins... Dude I didn't have my first kiss til I was 21. It sucked, guys never went up to me, my mom and grandma told me it was because I was so beautiful... bluh bluh bluh bluh but I didn't beleive them, we are taught to be humble anyways! Looks never matters it's your spirituality that counted! I swear I thought I'd die being a virgin... I looked at my friend who was beautiful single and 35 who still had no one to love and marry. It was sad. I never wanted that life!! Even if it ment sacrifising my future of "paradise earth".

    nice and warm fuzzy feeling things and then proceeded to question my motives for getting baptized

    Their good at that! It's so annoying to me... I found though there was only one elder ,I feel, that was truely genuine and it sucked cause he wasn't at my hall.

    I do recall now one instance, it was when I was newly DFed. I was trying to be strong and go back to the meetings and get reinstated. I felt after talking to the Elders they would be supportive... OMG was I wrong it's like my spiritual family...members I have loved so dearly turned into evil stuck ups... I have now became the scum of the earth so I thought... I was trying to be so humble, I couldn't bare to even look at anyone, and was so scared to even say a WORD, (my grandma wanted me to ask for a KM) and OMG asking Elders anything was torture to me but I did it anyways... my predictions or uneasy feeling were correct he looked at me with anger and said "YOUR DISFELLOWSHIPPED AND CAN'T HAVE THE KM AND I AM NOT SPOST TO BE TALKING TO YOU" (honestly i don't know even if he said I could have the km but I asked a DFed friend and he told me that yeah we aren't allowed to have a KM). I didn't understand it and it hurt me so bad inside...

    So that is probably the one of the most outrageous thing an elder done to me.

  • WTWizard

    I think I would have told the hounder that the phone number slip comes with a disassociation letter--he could not have the number without the disassociation letter. On top of that, this would be grounds for taking the student aside and showing them the real truth about the witlesses--hoping to get one disassociation and one study cut short out of it.

    That never happened to me--instead, they just wanted me to meet just men. They promised me they would help me with the opposite sex, yet they dogged helping me to the extent that it was grounds for me to make them waste as much time as possible worrying about me (and false hope in my attending at least some boasting sessions).

  • Finally-Free
    he approached me and he asked me to give her telephone number to him, he took it with him,

    Maybe it's just me, but I have a strict policy of not giving out other people's phone numbers. I would have told the elder that if he wanted her number he should grow some stones and ask her himself.


  • undercover

    Back in the days of long-haired hippies and other assorted dregs of humanity (as defined by the elders of the time) - one elder used to go around tugging on brothers hair. If he could pull it, hold it out more than an inch or so, he declared that it was time for that brother to get a haircut.

    One elder had a dislike for winter jackets that we're not true overcoats. It was declared, as if by law, that all MSs, pioneers and elders, had to wear 3/4 to full length overcoats and that short jackets would not be allowed when in field service. And we were to encourage...by our example and by our word...the regular publisher brothers to follow suit. Several brothers balked at such an intrusion into their personal clothing choices and then were branded as troublemakers and counseled for not supporting the headship of the elders.

    If I sat and thought back, I could remember more, but I don't really want to right now...

    Good thread... looking forward to some good stories.

  • shamus100

    Other than being pompous asses, nothing really.

  • Quillsky

    I was invited to attend the theatre by a brother who was single. He also brought along a male friend who was married. I was counselled by the elders for "dating a married man".

    (Years later both men were disfellowshipped for being gay.)

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