"your just happier now because you don't have to be good any more!"

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  • jamiebowers

    I'm happier now, because I'm good for goodness sake and not because of a cult. I realize that that goodness wells up in me, because it is in my very nature.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Define good

  • ColdRedRain

    A sociopath could be an active member of the organization and follow all the rules the Society puts out. Does that make them "good".

    That would make them at least a Ministerial Servant.

  • crapola

    I'm happier now because when I do the right thing it's because I want to, not because it is expected or else. I've noticed that I'm friendlier with complete strangers now, in the sense that I don't look upon then as "worldly", not deserving my time and attention. It's wierd what being free can do to a person's whole attitude on life and people.

  • AllTimeJeff

    What an interesting statement. I noticed this myself while I was in when I observed some JW's leave. They were happier.

    So this is the key part of the phrase to me. (indulge my tendency for over analysis please)

    "you're just happier now because"

    The first thing that they notice is that you have joy. They are supposed to have joy. (JW's that is) But they don't. JW's are trained to accept this because of course, they reside in Satans world. Happiness comes later. Suffering comes now.

    Still, they are human. No one wants to suffer. Hell, the happiest time to be a JW is between the questions for baptism and that first year where you are continually love bombed. (and indoctrinated fully)

    But it isn't enough to notice that you are happier.


    At this point, it doesn't really matter what "because" means. All they are struggling to do is come up with a reason that is congruent with how they have been trained and indoctrinated to view you. They have been trained to believe that you can't be really happy. So the because part minimizes your happiness. In other words, you shouldn't be happy, you can't be happy. You aren't a JW anymore.

    "you don't have to be good anymore". Wow. What a shocking indictment on the Governing Body. A good person doesn't need to come with an instruction manual. You are either good, or you aren't. But a good JW isn't a nice, humble or spiritually minded person.

    You aren't good anymore because you don't turn in FS time, go to the meetings, and basically stay active in the indoctrination process of JW's. To the GB, a good JW preaches, attends all meetings, reads all their literature and keeps their mouth shut.

    It's fun to analyze when a JW lets his guard down and actually says what he feels. I wonder if he realizes what he said.

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