"your just happier now because you don't have to be good any more!"

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  • chickpea

    response: yeah, and i dont have to be judgmental
    anymore either, determining who is good and bad...
    that part was so hard and i just wasnt qualified

  • WTWizard

    If their idea of "good" is obeying ever-changing rules set up by the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger, hounder-hounders, and hounders, people will be happier. No, this will not solve all your problems--but, leaving the cancer will remove the extra burden of having all those stupid rules and responsibilities.

    If "being good" means doing what is good for yourself and/or society and refraining from doing what is bad for yourself and/or society, then you have the opportunity to start being good.

  • zoiks

    Nice comments, all. I've had the same thing thrown at me and it is frustrating that people will think that way. But for them the alternative is admitting that maybe your happiness is real and valid. Their minds aren't allowed to go there.

  • undercover

    "your just happier now because you don't have to be good any more!"

    No...I'm happier because I have freedom of thought and I make decisions based on what I personally think is right and best for me. I no longer have to adhere to some set of man-made rules defining what I'm supposed to think and do.

    "that means you just want to do what you want. You aren't subjecting yourself to godly authority."

    Godly authority or man's authority? Many of the things that we're expected to do or not do as JWs is based on traditions of men, not on what the Bible says. Here's a short list of things that we know a "true Christian" wouldn't do: smoke, gamble, refuse blood transfusions, refuse to vote. Not one of those things has any basis in scripture. Those are rules (rules that if broken then one is subject to discipline and disfellowshipping) set in place by men. Men who have interpreted the scriptures and are forcing (yes - forcing, under the threat and fear of shunning) people to accept their notions. Christian freedom as spoken of in the Bible is denied to so-called "true Christians".

    "well - you've just let Satan enter your thinking and...and...you've lost Jehovah's spirit. You know what will happen to those led by Satan at Armageddon, don't you?"

    I see there's no point in discussing this further if you don't have the ability to use rational thought but instead has to resort to vague threats. Which, by the way is like putting yourself on a pedestal above all others who don't happen to share your beliefs. Quite judgemental, don't you think?

  • acolytes

    Sadly the deluded witnesss does not understand that making coverts to the Jehovers Witness Organisation is not a good thing to do-



    I`m happier that I don`t have to suffer an Idiots nonsense..

    I`m happier because I can look an Idiot in the face and tell them they`re an Idiot..

    Your an Idiot!!..

    Be an Idiot someplace else..

    ......................... ...OUTLAW

  • hamilcarr

    Don't judge lest thou be judged

  • babygirl30

    That statement (made by the JW) is sooo tyical - because it attempts to 'separate' JWs from everyone ELSE...as usual. IF you aren't a JW and if you aren't going to meetings, then you aren't 'good' or won't live a 'good' life?! UGH!

  • Paralipomenon

    His mind had already flipped to his witness personality His reply was directed to himself not you. He needed to hear that your happiness was tainted somehow and since you weren't going to say it, he filled it in, patted himself on the back and shut off his thinking.

    I don't think there would be any retort that he would have actually heard.

  • xmkx

    No one can be forced to be good, and one's membership in an organization does not determine how good they are. It's a personal choice that lies in the heart. It's not something that can be judged or enforced by the rules of an equally sinful man made organization. I answer to "Jehovah" and him alone now.

    Food for thought: A sociopath could be an active member of the organization and follow all the rules the Society puts out. Does that make them "good"?

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