"your just happier now because you don't have to be good any more!"

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  • highdose

    sorry about the false start.

    This above phrase was recently said to me by a dub, when i told them that i didn't attend any more and that i felt much better for it. "why?" i asked " did i have so much agony with low self esteam, self hatred and no confidence while in a religon that is supposed to have gods blessing, and yet when i leave it all those problems dissapear?"

    the responce i got was as above... i confess i was gob smacked!

    what would you have said back?

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz


    I am happier because i have the freedom to choose what is good or bad. Because i can just be me most of all.


  • boyzone

    Id've said, I'm still good, but now I'm good and confident. So what's better?

  • teel

    Ooh boyzone, how can you hope to be good, if you don't follow God's direction? You're just deluding yourself.

  • boyzone

    LOL! Thats true, I'm sooo naughty I'm good, or am I just good at being naughty?

  • pixiesticks

    I'm happier now because I don't affectively have a gun held at my head being told that if I don't do good I'm going to get it! I love having the freedom to be and do good on my own, without any threats of death or bribes or everlasting life.
    So who's really 'good' between us and Witnesses? Us, who are doing good purely because we know we should, or Witnesses, who do good to recieve a reward (or avoid a punishment)?

    It's why I like the Humanist motto: "Good Without God".

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Id say so..."Are you saying you are ONLY being good BECAUSE you are a Jehovahs Witness and would like to be bad but cant? Better watch that Buddy...Jehovah reads HEARTS!" bwah hahahhaaaa... and add for good measure "And remember, just because the bathroom door is closed doesnt mean GOD doesnt know what you are really doing in there. Have a nice day."

  • Finally-Free
    "your just happier now because you don't have to be good any more!"

    "That's right. I'm 'good' because I want to be and not because I have the watchtower boogeyman standing over my shoulder."


  • dinah

    That sounds almost like the Dub who said that is jealous of your freedom.......

    You can actually reap the rewards of living a good life right now, you don't have to wait on the murder of billions to be content.

  • Gayle

    I'm happier because I don't have to 'spin my wheels' for nothing anymore. Don't have to go door-to-door for just unproductivity anymore. I can love more people and appreciate more people. I can read stimulating literature for a change. I can do good things and not think I have to 'report' it. I don't live in fear of Armageddon any more. I can embrace my day and enjoy just simpler things better now. I am happier because I have freedom of mind and heart.

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