The Watchtower Society: aka "The Dream Killers"

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  • MisfitMeL

    They are getting even worse. In the past few years, they have compared college to shooting oneself in the head. They have threatened to remove any "privileges" from any parents whose children are in college unless they do everything they can to remove them from college. Instead, they are supposed to be going out in field circus as pio-sneers.

    Sorry to interrupt the thread and I don't mean to detract from the topic, but could someone please point me to WT articles that point to this? Thanks :)

  • independent_tre

    and the irony is that the witnesses benefit from those who followed their dreams.... doctors, lawyers, scientists, etc.

    I had a small dream in high school, to for once time in my life feel normal, and go to prom. I even had a 'worldly' boy ask me to go. My mom was against it; we had long been instructed that proms and homecomings were bad associations filled with sex, drugs, and alcohol. I tried to go, but in the end gave up. I felt like I'd be disappointing my mother. Strangely, I didn't think Jehovah would disapprove as I knew these things were monitored by school staff, my friends weren't into drugs or alcohol, and I had no intention of having sex.

    It was just a small dream I had once, not really a big one. But something I think about as an opportunity to finally have a good memory from high school.

  • villabolo

    I would have been a paleoanthropologist if it weren't for the Bitchtower and her pathetic and false religion.


  • LostGeneration

    Misfitmel, I think this is what WT wizard is talking about- I dont think its in print

  • LostGeneration

    Damn this thread is depressing me....simple things like going to the Prom ripped from us in the name of God.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Indepenent _tre ......

    I can empathize we you about not being able to go to prom . I graduated in 1979 and that year or the yr before was the magazine that came out that stated good little witness children would not attend worldly school dances or proms where ramant drugs , alcohol and sex were performed . So my husband got to go to his Prom in 1977 ,but two years later it was taboo and I couldn't go !

    In 2002 one of our sons asked to go to his Prom with a group of school friends . I was still entrenched so I gave him the whole "Prom is when girls get drunk and prego speech "... But he being a very sincere and logical young man reasoned his point very well with me and I caved .(mainly because I felt my memory of prom had been ripped from me )

    I even took Prom pictures of him and the girls he went with ,but told him not to broadcast it to his witness friends . He had a great time ....and no one got pregnant or anything !lol

    So yeah one dream fulfilled !!!!

  • myownlife

    You know what's even worse than not getting to go to the prom? Your older sister getting to go and going with another witless much older! Unfreakingbelievable! And three years later, asking to go since she got to go and mom saying "no! it is a worldly gathering and bad association blah blah blah!" Then why the hell did you let her go? Because she was going with a witless, as if that made it right!!

    Didn't get to go to college either....but my kids are definitely going! I am reliving my childhood thru them....Christmas, birthdays, Halloween etc....loving it!!!!

  • independent_tre

    As long as the WTS has a hold on the parents of the dreamers, then dreams will always be killed...or at least deferred. When parents have to take the heat from Elder Overlyrighteous for allowing their child to play sports or attend university, or any of the other things villified by the WTS, so suffers the dreamer.

    I totally agree with you, troubled & myownlife. Ive freed myself of the WT slavery in time to allow my kids to enjoy their childhood and adolescent years.

    BTW..Welcome to the forum myownlife!

  • myownlife

    Thank you Independent! I have really enjoyed this - reading everyone's experiences and realizing that I am NOT alone as some people want you to believe!

    I was a born in and it was the hardest thing I have ever done in my life was to leave - now I have no family (youngest of six). I regret that for my kids but they will realize one day that I saved them from a life of misery! Couldn't be happier!

  • dgp

    Troubled Mind, I fully agree with this:

    This is one of the biggest crimes I think the WTS commits against it's members.

    As a non-JW who was never deprived of these things, I can only shake my head and sympathize with you. This post gets to me because I happen to have met several JW's, one in particular, whose dreams didn't come true, either, for the sake of daydreaming. How terribly sad.

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