child molester reinstated

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  • EmptyInside

    I live in the U.S. and he was registered as a sex offender. But, I checked the website and couldn't find him on there anymore. He was disfellowshipped for a few years now. A judge had ordered him not to come within a radius in this area where most of his victims live. He lives a good couple of hours from here. I know one of his victims has kept tabs on him through his new congregation. He is quite elderly now, so I'm hoping no family with young daughters befriends them. A lot of the friends here are upset that he was reinstated. If my friend and another sister wouldn't have come forward, he still would be doing what he was guilty of for decades. Of course, I can't be certain he wouldn't still find a way to abuse children. I hate to reveal too much of the situation, but just to show how low he is, he even abused his mentally challenged grand-daughter. That's actually how it all came out. Well, I am going to ask around those in the know, and see how aware others in the new hall are aware of his past.

  • MissingLink
    Just discreetly tell a few mums in the congregation and word will soon spread.

    I would definitely do that just to have a clean conscience myself. But, be prepared - in JW land "Slander" is a MUCH WORSE sin than buggering kids. And even good intentioned warnings like this they some how twist into "slander". It's sick.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Useful list MadSweeney - looks as though UK may need updating/reporting...just three..? Seems low.

  • PSacramento

    To forgive is a Christian trait, indeed THE christian trait.


    Forgiveness does not imply that one lose all common sense.

    A person who is a sexual preadator ( once you are, you are for life and must acknowledge that) must never be out in the position of falling and as such, they themselves must be aware of not putting themselves in a bad situation and the elders of the congregation must also be aware that, in accpeting this person back, THEY are RESPONSIBLE for anything that happens.

    Under controlled circumstances, someone that has gotten treatment and is getting help can become a functional memeber of society, BUT I would think it best to NOT put such a person in the very environemnt that they used to injure others.

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