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  • Scully

    For the record, it is my considered opinion that individuals who are incapable of $upporting the WTS in a financial way (read: minor children) will never have any real value to the Governing Body or the Organization™. They know, because of their teachings, that parents will put the best interests of their children second to the be$t intere$t$ of the WT$, especially when putting the lives and well being of their children first will put their Eternal Life™ and Hope™ of Living Forever In Paradise On Earth™ in jeopardy.

    Child molesters within the JWs know this, and they will employ every strategy available to them (including intimidation, twisting scripture and principles such as Headship™ or Having Respect For Ones' Elders™ or Having Respect For Anyone With A Penis™, and of ¢our$e, genero$it¥) to slime their way into a protected and safe haven among JWs. Children have none of those "benefits" at their disposal, so to the WTS, they are, indeed, "disposable".

  • cameo-d

    I see that my town is on the list.

    But just naming the town is really no help. When there are several congs that meet at one hall, and also when there is more than one hall in an area, the list just seems to be ambiguous.

    There really should be more that could be done. A registry of offenders is necessary.

    Heck, in my area, there are several that are on the gov. database and the whole neighborhood knows who they are because people inform each other!

    I have seen in news where some pedos get targeted by neighborhood groups and are pointed out...some neighborhoods even put out flyers with their picture on it. When it gets to the point of being a nuasance for them, they move. JW pedos should be getting the same treatment and worse because they are in hiding and being protected by a vile organization that sanctions that kind of behavior.

  • doublelife

    I agree with cameo-d.

  • etna

    If it was me I would tell everyone that there is a child molester in their mist. Just tell tell tell. Their is nothing lower.....


  • dssynergy

    I agree with Cameo-d ~ listing the city isn't particularly helpful, but maybe getting more specific about congregations would be. Although people do move congregations, but at least it would be more information than just the city.


  • WTWizard

    This is the other major reason why reporting molesters to the hounders does nothing. Even if there are two witnesses to the offense or the pedophile blows himself in (usually, but not always, they are men), they will probably only get disfellowshipped for a relatively short time. They usually think of it as being about as serious as regular fornication, and the disfellowshipping will probably be only a year or less. Once they are reinstated, no warning is ever given--and anyone else that attempts to give warnings about these people will be disfellowshipped themselves--for slander.

    Again, why are the police not notified? These pigs should be going to jail, especially if they threaten children with disfellowshipping for reporting the offense. A year disfellowshipped being enough? Next time, they might not blow themselves in or provide a second witness to their offense.

  • dig692

    Child molestation needs to be reported to the police and its scary and makes me angry that the WTS chooses to just slide it under the rug as if they even know how to properly handle such a situation. If that person was reported as he should have been, he would be registered as a sex offender so even if he was reinstated at a later time at least his name would be out there for everyone to know what he did and they could protect their children.

  • truthlover

    Empty: What country do you live in?

    In Canada, when someone who has escaped, been put on the sex offenders list, etc. there is a photo placed in the paper with name and background of that individual so the town, city, neighbourhood, will keep an eye out for that one and keep their children close..

    why dont you print up some posters and put them up at night in the neighbourhood?? Wear latex gloves when you do so they wont be able to track any prints?? If any society doesnt want to annouce it, there are other ways

    Just a thought

  • yadda yadda 2
    yadda yadda 2

    Just discreetly tell a few mums in the congregation and word will soon spread.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    From the silentlambs perspective, my guess is that listing the congregation name is taking a legal risk that they simply can't afford. I'm sure they'd love to list the offenders by name, address, and social security number, but it's just not practical.

    Depending on where you live, though, the town list could be useful; it's not ideal but it's better than nothing.

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