Highdose has wonderful news!

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    Yup... once you're off the SSRI's you can start luv'in again. The damn things won't let you get off!

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    Highdose, how long did you have to take them?

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Congrats Highdose ! It is a good feeling to reach that point when you don't need the meds anymore .( It is differnet for everyone and I am sure some people may have to take them always in order to correct imbalances )

    In my personal experience once I started anti-depressants (prozac) I found the courage to speak up for myself and not keep putting up with so much ,and I saw the same response in another family member . I took meds for about three yrs then weaned off them .There have been ups and downs over the years ,but none so severe that I had to return to meds .

    I like the post that stated life has ups and downs we just have to remember there is an up . For some they can't reach up w/o the extra help , and that's perfectly okay too.

  • highdose

    hi paul

    i was on them for almost exactly a year

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland
    i was on them for almost exactly a year

    that was really fast! that's great.

  • leec

    Awesome accomplishment!

    I just finished weaning myself from about 7 years of prozac this past December ... wouldn't you know, just in time to have my closest friend (and love interest) decide to get all serious in her JW faith and start preparing for baptism (i.e. demise of close friendship).

    I seem to be weathering this pretty well so far -- albeit with enormous amounts of help from people here and other (non jw) friends.

  • shamus100


    You're going to do just fine. I have great confidence in people who are courageous enough to leave a cult, get off the 'crutch' of AD's and actually function in their lives.

    Strange, dubbies, how that works. I guess satan stops attacking us...

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep





  • minimus
  • villabolo


    "Guess it depends on what you are on. She became extremely self-righteous. It was like the meds numbed her to reality. Sometimes she will say "I wonder if all of this real? If Jehovah is really with the friends or if he is with all religions but in different ways." Then she would not go out in service for several days. Then after she takes her meds again, everything is "Jehovah, Jehovah, preach, preach, all the worldly people will die and thats what you get for not going to the Kingdom Hall"."

    "I personally know a number of female JWs that have casually started taking anti-depressants. In their words "it helps us keep our zeal". It was recommended to me a last year when they started realizing I as going through more than a spiritual slump."

    Interesting how antidepressants do not help adjust you to reality but to somebody else's concept of reality. Good to see you're doing fine.


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