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  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    Check out - lots of great recipes there.

  • cantleave

    I'm vegetarian, in that everything I eat either is a vegetable or has eaten vegetables!

  • worldtraveller

    Cantleave: Funny point above!!

  • EmptyInside

    Once you get used to it, a vegetarian diet is fairly simple. Just don't do what I started out doing and eat too many refined carbohydrates. Most of the diet should be the green leafy vegetables and fruits, then you add your whole grains, etc. A lot of stir fry is good with lots of vegetables and whole grain rice or rice pilaf. Anyway, there are a lot of options. It also helps to read vegetarian magazines and cookbooks that are simple and teach nutrition also. Good luck. It's worth it.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I'm not much of a vegetable kind of guy. I'm thinking rice, beans, and portabello mushroom cheddar quesadillas.

  • hemp lover
    hemp lover

    "portabello mushroom cheddar quesadillas"

    I want to go to there.

  • worldtraveller

    Beets, nuts, green veggies, chicken breast, whole grain bread and pasta when available. No red meat. Limited potatoes, salads, carrots.Dark chocolate is ok. And....

    10,000 steps per day minimum. I do more than that every day. No soft drinks. Not even diet.

    More or less what I do each day. Tomorrow I donate blood - Peach "juice" and a cookie or 2, then a long walk.

  • only me
    only me

    The Quorn products are very good... a little pricy but worth it. The products are very versatile and can be used in all kinds of recipes.

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