don't laugh

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    What got me started thinking about it was that story a couple weeks ago about the 104 year old strongman
    who got ran over by a minivan and was a lifelong vegetarian.

    If he was at home..Eating a Steak..

    Steak Platter

    He would`nt have been run over by a minivan..

    ...................... ...OUTLAW

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    Don't forget to look at the Apostate websites too, John.



  • yknot

    Before you do....

    Consider doing this at a later date since 'cost' is part of your concerns.......and we all have seen the difference in price for pesticide sprayed or genetically modified produce compared to 'organic'.

    Since you will be eating an increase of veg/fruit thinking about organic would be wise...... and to avoid this cost pop over to your nearest garden center and get some seeds, good soil and some starter pots......transplant after your last expected frost!

    So if you are willing to wait say two months.......

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    I'm not interested in organic--I'll take the genetically improved and modified variety.

    although you have given me a huge portion of shit over my diet, I'll try not to laugh at you.

    No more than you deserved.

  • yknot

    ahhh come on..... your gravatar already has a 'green thumb'!

    Cheat on the meat by buying veggie burgers and seasoned tofu too....

  • VoidEater

    Emma offers great cookbook suggestions.

    Your main concern should be amino acids, check out

    I am not vegetarian myself, I have several friends that are and my partner goes veggie part-time.

    PS - I laughed.


    Start out slow..

    Eat animals that are vegetarians!

    ........................ ...OUTLAW

  • lepermessiah

    John -

    One concern to watch out for.....

    Men who go Vegan usually consume massive amounts of soy. Well, soy can cause your estrogen levels to can cause men all sorts of problems......i have read several medical journals that have had case studies in them.....

    Just be careful and enjoy -


    Well, soy can cause your estrogen levels to can cause men all sorts of problems..

    This is your Future John Doe!

    You could have had a Burger..


    Now you get Boobs!

    .................... ...OUTLAW

  • nelly136

    nuts tofu n pulses are good if you're cutting out meat, they're good for protein.

    don't know how pricing works over there, but towards closing time for shops here a lot of the meat products are reduced

    and its a great time to pick up bargains and top up the freezer, usually within sell by/use by dates as they want to make room for new stock.

    the man boobs will go well with your toe btw

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