The Barbara Anderson Appreciation Thread

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  • Quillsky

    There are many newcomers who may see references on this website to Barbara Anderson but not understand the complete awesomeness of what she has done, and continues to do, in the pursuit of truth.

    For those who don't know, a brief summary: Barbara and her husband Joe spent most of their lifetime being Über-Witnesses, bringing 80 or so people into the organization and ending up at Brooklyn Bethel.

    Barbara landed up in the sacred heart of Bethel, the Writing Department, and wrote Awake! articles. She was disfellowshipped in 1997 purely for talking out about the Witness policies on child abuse.

    She continues fighting for change from the outside and speaking out, for example recently going on a lecturing in Europe, including speaking about the topic at the Vatican.

    So in appreciation of Barbara, firstly I post this interview with her, her husband Joe and her son Lance, conducted while they were all at Bethel in 1991. It's from Randy Watters' YouTube channel, and impressed on me what an elegant, eloquent and beautiful woman she is. (It's long, half an hour, but watch a couple of minutes of it.)

    Watching it whilst knowing what was to happen six years later makes it quite poignant. Does anyone know what happened to her son Lance Anderson? Last I heard he had married, left Bethel, and (tragically but predictably) refused to talk to his parents.

    The work that Barbara did and continues to do is one of the reasons that the Jehovah's Witness pedophilia/child abuse issue is the hot topic it is today - if not amongst most regular JWs, certainly amongst the leadership and enlightened former JWs.

    Barbara and Joe post here occasionally as AndersonsInfo.

    Here is her story, for those that don't know it.

    And here is her website, with a fountain of documents.

    Feel free to add any additional info.

    So in appreciation of Barbara, her integrity, her continuing work, and the pain it has caused her and her family, this thread is to express appreciation for Barbara Anderson. One excellent woman.

  • minimus

    The Andersons are most appreciated for all the work they do!

    THANK YOU!!!

  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Barbara Anderson is one of the rarest treasures in relation to the Witness or ex-Witness community. She is devoted to helping people at her own expense. She is honest at all times. She loves people.

    You are loved Barb!

    Marvin Shilmer

  • Dogpatch

    Yes, love them both!


  • cantleave

    I would like to add my thanks to the great work Barbara has done.

  • mouthy

    Amen to Randy....Keep up the good work Barbara & Joe....

    God be with you both Barb & Joe


  • littlebird

    Thanks Barbara & Joe! It was because of your research that I saw on Nbc , about the child abuse cases that my eyes were open. Thank you so much!

  • deep-blue-sea

    I completely agree with all of you. We love Joe and Barbara, the excellent work that Barbara has done to show with truth and integrity the real problem of pedophilia in the organization.

    They are so nice, we enjoyed spending time with them while in Europe. She is a source of information about facts of the org.....

    We love you!!!!

  • PSacramento

    In one of their threads I kind of went off on them because they said that "1000's have died" do to the Wt no-blood policy, saying that unless they had proof that a comment like that was not appropriate.

    I was wrong.

    Not only did they have proof but they showed, as did others, that the WT actually glorifies those who die because of that policy, in particular children.

    It destroyed what very little consideration I had for the WT.

    I don't have the words to thank Barbara and her Husband so I shall simply say:

    Thank you and may Our Lord and Saviour Jesus keep you and strengthen you always.

  • lepermessiah

    I hope i dont sound too corny, but Mrs. Anderson (like others who post on here) is really a hero to me.

    She was willing to give up everything for the TRUTH - I have the utmost respect for people who go with their conscience and do what they believe is right at great personal expense. Not only that, but she has worked tirelessly at bringing out the facts about many of the child abuse cases, the real history about prominent members of the WT society, etc.

    This world needs more renegades like Mr and Mrs Anderson.

    The thing I love is that I use her court documents all the time to show my family that I am not piling on the Watchtower - this stuff is REAL. There is an ugly reality out there that the organization tries desperately to hide - people like Barbara have made sure that this stuff is out there for people who are ready and willing to look for it.

    As she has shown, the only thing the "organization" cares about is the preservation of the "organization" - not the people in it who are supposedly precious sheep.

    My hope is one day to get out behind this internet avatar and pay it forward the same way that Mr. and Mrs. Anderson have. There are so many of you on this board that I look forward to getting to know personally and let you know how much I appreciate you coming on here.........all of us have a story to tell as a result of this ------- organization, and this to me is a great form of therapy!

    May they, along with the others who continue to expose the Borg, continue to be blessed!

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