The Barbara Anderson Appreciation Thread

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  • truthseekeriam

    Thank you Barbara,

    As a mother of a victim of molestation within the WTS, I think what you have done and continue to do is so wonderful. I hope someday my child will be as strong as you have been in speaking out . I also look forward to one day in the near future hearing the WTS apologise for how they have treated victims (I really think it will happen) and when it does, it will be because of loving people like you.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Many thanks to Barbara & Joe for all your sacrifices.


  • chickpea

    i echo truthseekeriam

    as the mother of 2 children, now grown,
    who endured childhood sexual abuse
    within the confines of the cult, i am and
    will be grateful for the exposé of the
    disgraceful conduct of the WTS...
    i brought my children to their altar
    in hopes of gaining for them everlasting
    life.... and now must bear the guilt for
    the harm that follows them because
    of the festering evil of that cult

    your actions truly are heroic

    thank you

  • Leolaia

    Barbara is one of the most informed people about the history and current status of the organization, and she is conscientous and thoughtful about how she presents her research to the public. We are all in her debt for all the work she has done to help others. And if I might add, Barbara and Joe are also wonderful people in person. :)

  • carla

    I'm a huge fan of Barbara and all her work! can you tell? Let's not forget her husband Joe too! She is now officially a 'biggy' in the who's who in apostate/jw world! Even my jw knows who she is, or at least he did, I dunno, someday I will discover the secret of how exactly the jw's suck one's memory from a person. Anyway, he did know and that's what's important! he may have inquired about her to others in the org who then check out her name.

    Thanks to Barbara and Joe! (my last remaining cd's are still intact! (private joke))

  • yknot

    The Insight of both are only second to Ray!

    It brings home in the world of WTS secrets how by these brave few who have stared in the face of WT wrath and didn't flinch or cave under peer pressure has allowed/enabled many to quietly escape from the clutches of a publishing firm who seeks to enslave all!

    The work done on behalf of victims is immeasurable in value!

  • Quillsky

    I need to make a correction to my opening post: Barbara faded in 1997/1998 but was only disfellowshipped in 2002, just before her interview on Dateline aired.

    Been doing some more reading and Barbara, though I don't really pray anymore, I just want to say that I pray that your son wakes up and that your grandson Luke is given the opportunity to know his brilliant grandparents.

  • BabaYaga

    What a lovely thread to see! Count me in!

    Love and thanks to you, Barbara (and Joe, too!)


    Thank you for this thread, QuillSky.

    Chickpea said:

    i brought my children to their altar
    in hopes of gaining for them everlasting
    life.... and now must bear the guilt for
    the harm that follows them because
    of the festering evil of that cult

    I just thought that needed repeating. Love to you and yours, Chickpea.

    And last but not least, PSacramento said:

    In one of their threads I kind of went off on them because they said that "1000's have died" do to the Wt no-blood policy, saying that unless they had proof that a comment like that was not appropriate.

    I was wrong.

    I remember that thread, PSacramento. You have warmed my heart tonight. Thank you.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    They are the best. I was at Bethel when they were there. I worked with Joe. You could not find a more kinder person than he was.

    Barbara is also just as wonderful. Very great and loving people they both are.

    We owe so much to them for all the hard work they do. Barbara is just amazing. The work she does is just so great. Thanks.


  • life is to short

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