Over half the world population have never heard of Jehovah's Witnesses

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  • sd-7

    It calls to mind the words of the Joker. "Does it depress you, to know just how alone you really are?" Isolated in this belief, sadly Jehovah's Witnesses have an exaggerated perception of their relevance.

    I suppose beneath the surface I always knew that what we did, our approach, seemed so...irrelevant. A cheap sales pitch, a ploy. Something done to keep the parents or elders off one's back. Now, not every Witness necessarily feels that way. But even if they don't, it's still tragic that they believe the end can come with billions of people never having heard their message even once. The thought that God could destroy that many based on something they never even heard of flies in the face of everything the idealist believes about God--justice, love, mercy, good old common sense.

    Well, glad that illusion's over.


  • EndofMysteries

    Here's a thought, does the 'good news' have to be accurate? Also, what if in hidden form it's also being preached?

  • Heaven

    Over 30 years ago, when I was a teenager, I never bought into this fantasy that they were preaching to everyone on Earth. My built in BS detector was going off loud and clear in my head even back then. And the recent revelation from Ray Franz in his book "In Search Of Christian Freedom" where Bethel had instructed Morroccan's NOT to preach to Muslims in that country just proves that not everyone is being preached to.

    Just doing the math is enough... the numbers don't add up. 7 million JWs vs 7 billion people. They better start teleporting into homes because this walking or driving door-to-door is not going to cover it. It just ain't happenin'!

  • PSacramento

    Long before the WT started preaching THEIR "gospel", the Catholic church had already spead theirs and long before anyone herars about "Jehovah", they will hear about Jesus from a Catholic or other christian missionary, so how is TRULY preaching the word of God all over the wrold?

    Heck there are more Mormons than JW's and probably more presbetarians too.

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