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  • Cthulhu

    So, as some of you know, the dubs in my locale have this story about me and breaking and entering and selling stolen goods, etc. I've recieved several calls during the last few days. They've even stopped at my job, again. Two days ago I called one of the elders and left a short message acknowledging that I'd recieved listened to his messages. I recorded this. Last night, several hours after they dropped in at my job, I recieved another call, to the effect of "we need a letter of disassociation. If you'd like to talk to us, we'd be happy to so we can put some of this behind us. We don't want to involve the police, but we need to do something soon." Basically I see it this way. They think they have this whole thing set and figured out and if I don't da, they will start using police to threaten me. If I do da they are expecting me to believe that they are going to put everything that they think has happened behind them. Is this likely? In other words, given the limited version of the account I'm telling you, does it seem probable that they Witnesses would drop something they thought a member had done if said member suddenly became ex-member?

  • asilentone

    why would you do that? breaking and entering, selling stolen goods? If you did that, you have a problem.

  • yknot

    Frankly they don't appear to have squat based on what you have posted about the situation.

    I strongly suggest you seek legal counsel about obtaining a restraining order against the KH Elders and a cease and desist letter to end the vicious rumors against your good name. As for the DA part....WTF? Isn't it their job as shepherds, gifts of men to want you to return to the flock!

    All that you have posted appears to be accusations/gossip without any evidence.

    Unless I have missed something.....

    (You receive material to sell from a JW who in good faith presented the material as personal property, you sold material, paid said person and your business relationship ended. Elders for some reason feel this material was taken from their KH library and are upset and making much ado over nothing they can prove or have direct evidence other than an alleged missing material)

  • nugget

    I agree with yknot, they are using allegation as leverage. You can have no guarantee that once they receive the DA letter they will drop it. If their case is weak and based on conjecture than a solicitors letter is the best way to put an end to it.

  • Cthulhu

    So, nugget, in short it sounds like you wouldn't take them at their word for this. I kind of feel the same way. All I'd really like is to be left alone. I am not certain that to DA will insure anything of the sort. Rather, I am sure, it could end up being quite the opposite.

    yknot, i agree. Isn't it funny how quickly they attack someone rather than try to aid them? Even if what they were saying were true, wouldn't it be their duty to try to assist a brother who has seemed to stray?

  • OnTheWayOut

    They probably would drop this if you became an ex-member. But it's because they don't have enough of a case on you.

    JW elders actually believe that they can get the flock (or faded flock) members to do as they say. They are hoping you simply accomodate their request. It is possible they will go to the police if you ignore them, to elevate their position in the eyes of the flock. They have nothing on you, though.

  • I quit!
    I quit!

    I don't know the law but if they say they know for a fact that you have broke in to peoples homes and stole things don't aren't they breaking the law by not turning you in? From a Christian point of view which they claim to be should the be concerned that the people that were robbed get "their property returned to them? We'll turn you into the police unless you give us what we want?? It almost sounds like blackmail to me.

  • Finally-Free
    they dropped in at my job,

    I don't understand why so many tolerate this. Even when I was a believing, devout JW I never would have tolerated anyone bothering me for any reason at my workplace. If any elder was stupid enough to come to my workplace for any reason he'd regret it for a long, long time.

    If you want to DA, then do it because YOU want to for your own reasons, NEVER because an elder requests it.


  • yknot

    Here is another 'spin' to this situation......

    This isn't about the alleged publication so much as 'others' knowing that you were selling publications......and one of these Elders feeling offended about the concept and making it a personal crusade but knows he ain't got squat and is only threatening the police to get his end result......which is for you to DA because he has nothing concrete to DF you.......

    Make a point to start a journal documenting the harassment for both legal reasons and in case you have appeal to the CO.

    Remember as much as this man(men) dislike you right now.......if you were to hire a lawyer and have him/her contact the WTS Legal Dept directly concerning this harassment and slanderous accusations. These elders would be in hot water for creating a situation that would cast bad light on the organization as a whole for what essentially is nothing more than a pissing match....

  • Cthulhu

    So, Yknot, how much would you say to them in the mean time, while in the process of finding legal counsel? I don't want to make it appear that they are being ignored, as this might put them in what they feel is a position with few options other than what they've already threatened.

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