Advice Needed!

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  • recovering

    say nothing anything you say can be used against you in court

  • jamiebowers

    Get an attorney, and if he/she advises, go to the police yourself and explain the situation and then see about filing harrassment charges/restraining order against them. I would also ask my attorney to write a cease and desist letter.

  • yknot

    I am not sure all that you have already told them.....

    But you might wanna stick to the point that spiritually you are feeling like they are bullying you on a matter in which you are innocent. The fact that they even suggested you send in a DA letter has 'stumbled' you greatly! Now you don't know who to trust and feel like you have been 'marked' erroneously due to gossip-mongering! Where was their 'discernment' regarding two witnesses! Where does this leave all of yall in Jehovah's eyes and is this really how Jehovah's Organization would handle such inquiries.......making known to you that in their opinion you are guilty and they have pre-determined to push you into relinquishing your chance at life in paradise......over some alleged book THEY seem to have misplaced!

    Just lay it on thick theocratically while maintaining innocence...........

    If it makes you feel any better I was accused unmercifully for 3 months awhile back (threatened to have me banned from KH grounds, my mom was beside herself!)......CO got involved, all hell was going on only to find out that an Elder's son had taken the item from his dad doctor bag and forgot it to return it...... there we were in CO confrontation when the Sister called to say she had found it under his bed.........

  • Cthulhu

    Yknot, to clarify, I've not told them a damn thing. There is nothing but assumptions. They did purchase one of the items I was selling, and they claim that this one was theirs. So, you see, there are some things that really don't help me much, and for that reason I would like to avoid as much headache as possible. I do think that presenting this theocratically, will help, if I have to speak to them in the first place.

  • yknot

    Than just take the plunge call brother hounder up and tell him you personally didn't obtain the publication from the KH. That to the best of your knowledge the publication was part of someone's private collection in which you were asked to sell. You are just the middle man here nothing more nothing less.

    Tell them you are 'disturbed by the accusations and are feeling very stumbled.

    Request respectfully for them to not visit your place of employment again under pretenses of discussing 'spiritual matters or concerning this matter ever again as it isn't the appropriate place.

    IF they ask who you got it from, tell them the answer you feel comfortable in giving.....

    CURIOUS>>>>>> What does the person who gave you this publication have to say about this?? <<<<<<

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    What I find odd about your story is that there seems to be nowhere that you say, "I didn't do this."

    Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

    If you didn't do the crime, then you need to get a lawyer and explain that you are being harrassed and threatened with some kind of blackmail by those elders. Have your attorney send them a letter telling them to cease and desist of YOU will sue them for slander and/or libel. Then go to the local cops and get a restraining order against these elders.

    The idea to keep a detailed diary of what they do and when they do it is superb!

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Exactly WHY are you not asking the other person WHERE he/she got the literature to sell ? Did they steal it from the hall to make some quick cash ? Or did they conspire to get you in trouble ?

    I think if it were me and the Elders were threatening Police involvement .....I would be talking to a Lawyer ASAP....

  • Balsam

    Don't trust witnesses ever they will lie then stab you in the back. Go to a good attorney explain what you did then get some advice. The attorney will protect your interest once you are their client.

  • Think About It
    Think About It

    Cthulhu....I was intrigued by your situation and registered.

    To get a rise out of them.....I would turn in a time slip and count the books you sold to non-JW's.

    On a more serious need to make it clear to those elders to never again come to or contact your place of employment. Your employer could let some time go by, then terminate you out of the blue because of a wack job situation like this. The at-will employment laws make it very easy for an employer to do this type of thing if they are sly.

    Get an attorney if they do not heed the message. You want to document this incident as defense against religious discrimination, just in case you run into some work problems on down the line at work because of this.

    Go to meetings or don't go to meetings. Meet with the elders or don't meet with them. You are a grown man and it is up to you.

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