PET OWNERS! New BAN from the Watchtower?!

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  • Focus

    [For the full articles that were posted here, please now see:
    Thank you, Brothers (Sisters even)]

    (Newer light than at Class)

  • zerubberballz

    I think we all know cats are a tool of Satan but it was a real shame when we had to disfellowship our dog Lassie when the vet gave her a blood transfusion without our knowledge. (her personality changed and she started biting people too!)

    I think it's best to stick with natural pets like wombats and echidnas.

    uncle'fluffy'bruce (now don't mention koalas, unless they've got you by the pavlovs lol)

  • jst2laws

    Hello Focus,

    >>"While we would not wish to express an opinion on what must remain a matter of personal preference"

    Did they ever miss on that. Did anyone else detect a hint of an opinion in the wt 31 article?

    Focus, this was so ridiculous, is this for real? Could you or someone else put up a PDF of this article. I have Cat Loving JW friends who will refuse to believe this without a visual from the magazine.


  • gumby

    . This can become a life-or-death issue since to move the steps of a brother away from the path of Christ's ransom sacrifice is tantamount to 'putting a millstone around the neck and being thrown into the sea.' -Matt 18

    what is acceptable to one person may, although unintentionally, stumble another

    Clearly, in a matter where our eternal salvation is involved, the mature Christian will not pursue a purely selfish course based on his own personal choices, but will adopt a congregational viewpoint as scripturally prescribed.

    Clearly, the Bible - by using this kind of terminology - shows beyond any reasonable doubt that the basic nature of cats, while created perfect by God, has become evil or 'beastlike' since the fall of Adam six thousand years ago.

    It was a common practice in ancient Egypt to worship or idolize cats as 'gods'.

    Clearly then, as loyal Christians, why would we even want to associate with animals that are without a doubt of such bad influence

    Now we are not saying you should'nt own a cat. We are sure here by the way we have worded this article that you all should have no guilt if you do own a cat.
    We have written in this article all of the good points of having a cat too! remember ... either way you pick will be fine with us.

    Focus...are you serious this article exists? I have got to see this if so.

  • oscartheduck

    "Clearly, the Bible - by using this kind of terminology - shows beyond any reasonable doubt that the basic nature of cats, while created perfect by God, has become evil or 'beastlike' since the fall of Adam six thousand years ago."

    This struck me as the best sentence in it, as it shows you a little of what goes on in the propoganda department.

    "evil or "beastlike"

    Like popping the two near each other in a sentence makes them related. And is he saying that all God's creations (because we must remember that we are informed that the theory of evolution has been "discredited", hence it is not taught anywhere anymore and we all laugh at our collective intellectual past believing in it) by nature of their being beasts are evil.

    Scary thought.

    The Watchtower, April 15, 1928, p. 126 "As every one knows, there are mistakes in the Bible "

  • Undine


    I am finding it VERY hard to believe that this 'Questions from Readers'
    article is actually true.

    I cannot even fathom that it could possibly be true as it is SO

    Was this posted jokingly, or is this actually an article???


  • lookin

    And people wonder why people dont trust one another...

  • Undine


    Thanks! Thought so.

    What's up with posting THAT???


  • kid B
    kid B

    note the watchtower date is the 1st of april 2002.

    i hate it when fake shtuff like that gets posted!!!! really annoying!

  • belbab

    w02 4/1 31 - Q: Are cats for Christians?
    Questions from Readers

    I am confused about the date of this article. At first I thought it was l931, but then I see that in the article it quotes from a magazine in 1964. If it was 1931 it would not carry much weight today as they had lots of weird ideas back then.

    Is this article in a WT of 2002? then what are the numbers 4/1?

    Is this article written by Micky Mouse for propaganda purposes?

    This is a very important question, Fred Hall will be devastated. Fred. Fred, come out of hiding, they're after you, they may skin you alive.


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