PET OWNERS! New BAN from the Watchtower?!

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  • alliwannadoislive

    oh poo - all this talk about cats and blood - does this mean i have to get rid of my flea circus ?

  • mmetz

    Well now Gee was not humans also created perfect as the cat was and did not man after sin become evil and beastly ? So what now ? Are the Jw`s going to commit terrorism upon all those who are not with them ? GIVE ME A BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have a cat and she is a hell of a lot more perfect than I, I never seen her commit adultry, or use foul language, or even as the matter of fact hurt another animal. And infact I have committed all those sins myself...These people are just plain getting sick...........

  • RedhorseWoman

    Damn you, Focus!! LOL The article initially appeared to be something the WT would actually print (didn't notice the date at first). Then, I got to the part about the birthday celebration and cracked up.

    Funny stuff.....and it sounds SO like them. ROFL

    Oddly enough, I DO remember that 1964 article on blood in pet food and fertilizer. I think that was around the time that the big "lecithin" scare started. Someone came out with the statement that lecithin was derived from blood, and was, therefore, forbidden.

    I can remember the idiot dubbies checking every candy bar label to be sure it didn't have lecithin in it. I can remember trying to patiently explain that lecithin could also be derived from vegetable sources, and that it was unlikely that candy manufacturers would use the much more expensive blood-derived lecithin.

    Even then, the ban on blood in fertilizer made absolutely no sense to me. I guess that's why I'm here today rather than at the KH.

  • Focus

    I cannot imagine what anyone finds amusing about this shocking matter. It is a matter of life and death to footstep followers of Jehovah! Would you laughingly deny one his chance at life eternal on paradise earth, in an exalted company of dubs?

    Do you people here have no shame to mock and ridicule God's teaching expressed through his soul channel in this way?

    As promised, the full text of the article has now been transcribed, and it is available at a new thread:

    I recommend you refer to the complete text rather than basing your pathetic, worldly judgments on the fragment!

    (True Worsnip Class)

  • JT

    this was just too good

    the sad part it there are so MANY QFR that are just that wacked AND to think jw follow that stuff to their death

    great post

  • Focus

    When I get a moment, I will answer all the apostates in the other thread:
    which contains the full text of the article.

    But, brothers, heed the wise, carefully-considered counsel of the G.B. (see an earlier post from me in this thread for what that stands for) Class.

    (Yes, Africa is the native home for the G.B. Class)

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