Let's get the emblem partaker up to 12,000 this year

by semelcred 23 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • teel

    No, I'm quite far from there, I live in Romania.

  • jookbeard

    ok are you an expat or a real Romanian?

  • teel

    Neither, I was born here, but I'm a minority. It's got to do with the history of this country, going all the way back to WW1 and before that. But enough hijacking of threads

  • lepermessiah

    Hey, the count is a big joke anyway!

    In the last 3 halls I have attended, the only partakers (there were several) were people who had massive mental issues.

    Many times the elders would determine "well, I am not going to report him/her"

    Not to make light of a serious and horrible illness, but based on my experience all the anointed are all Schitzophrenics who are really out of their right mind................

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